Letters to the editor May 12

Our hearts are broken Dear Editor, We moved into our dream home at 301 Sleepy Hollow in 1999. Our girls were babies and our boys were in 1st, 2nd, and third grades. This was supposed to be our forever home. However, almost 20 years later, circumstances dictated otherwise. Keith was diagnosed with 2 very serious […]

Letters to the editor May 5

Thank you Dear Editor, I’d like to publicly acknowledge and thank the organizers and members of the Lion’s Club who showed up at my house last Saturday, to rock and rake. At age 88, I’m less and less able to do things like yard cleanup and window washing on a ladder, so I’m enormously grateful […]

Letters to the editor April 28

Gun snobbery Dear Editor, The Brandon Area Gun Snobs, an organization committed to unfettered gun ownership and use, is issuing certificates to members and non-members to speak on firearm control. “Only people with certified knowledge of the ratio of black powder components can talk about the safety of school children and their community,” stated Dorinda […]

Letters to the editor April 21

Arming teachers bad idea Dear Editor I am a middle school student who is concerned about the recent school shootings and threats that have been happening. In my opinion arming teachers is a bad solution because in an active school shooting police will not know where teachers located that are armed and a teacher may […]

Letters to the editor April 14

A well-regulated militia Dear Editor, I’d just like to take a moment and thank the people who have written in to “The Citizen” recently supporting my views on the subject of Gun Control. Thank You Ken Davis Sr., Lisa Ksiazek, Walt Dilfer and Scott Bills. My apologies if I missed anyone else. Your support and […]

Letters to the editor April 7

Thank you Dear Editor, We would like to say a special thank you to the Village Funeral Home and staff for the wonderful job they did for us on our father James King’s funeral. Not only were they professional, Mr. Langolf was so caring and compassionate with my mother and us during our grief. Your […]

Letters to the editor March 31

O.A.T.S. thank you Dear Editor, We would like to thank the people of the Ortonville area for their tremendous support for our first annual Easter Egg Hunt held on March 24 at the O.A.T.S. farm. We didn’t know how many people to expect and we were truly amazed and gratified that over 400 people came […]

Letters to the editor March 17

Economics class needed (In response to: District eyes outsourcing drivers, The Citizen, Feb. 3, page 1.) Dear Editor, As I continue to follow the Brandon School District’s agenda to privatize our school bus services and drivers I recently read an article published on March 1, 2018 by the Detroit Free Press titled ‘Michigan Schools Suffer […]

Letters to the editor March 10

(In response to, District eyes outsourcing drivers, The Citizen, Feb. 3, page 1) No to privatization Dear Editor, Brandon School’s Superintendent Matt Outlaw sent emails to Brandon parents about sending out bids to outsource transportation in Ortonville. As a 22 year bus driver at Brandon, allow me to enlighten you. Outsourcing was brought up in […]

Letters to the editor March 3

(In response to, Area lawmakers respond to gun issues, The Citizen, Feb. 24, Page 1) Florida school massacre Dear Editor, What is more important. The second amendment and the NRA or the lives of our children and grandchildren? It is ironic that on Valentine’s Day, 89 years ago, in Chicago, Al Capone mowed down 7 […]

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