Letters to the editor Nov. 11

(In response to Shut the heck up, a letter by John R. Rose, The Citizen, Nov. 4, page 16) Heck no Dear Editor, I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to say this! Dear John…You’re Wrong. I don’t write into The Citizen for a cheap story at the country club. I can’t speak […]

Letters to the editor November 4

O.A.T.S. Haunted Barn Dear Editor, I would like to thank Brandon Middle School for their support of the O.A.T.S. Haunted Barn this past Saturday. Over the course of two weeks the students collected about $800 and 188 pounds of candy. On Saturday evening parents and students decorated our barn and handed out candy to the […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 28

Keep calm & keep chickens, again Dear Editor, To say I am disappointed would be a bit of an understatement. I am thrilled that the council agreed to suspend the enforcement of the current ordinance. I am happy to hear that they intend to look into creating a new ordinance. However, the manipulation of statistics, […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 21

Bullying, hate Dear Editor, I watched the village council meeting of Sept.26 on our cable station last night and I see bullying and hate by four council members is alive and well. I was proud of those people that got up and told the council— “you are hurting the village in every way you can.” […]

Letters to the editor Oct. 14

(In response to, “Talk on the Streets, The Citizen,” Sept. 30, page 6) Stand up Dear Editor, In general siting or kneeling during the anthem irritates me. Not necessarily because I think it disrespects the flag and our country, but because I think it disrespects those who paid the price for allowing people that freedom. […]

Letters to the Editor Oct. 7

(In response to, “Trump, lessor of two evils,” a letter by John Wudarcki, The Citizen, Sept. 30, page 6) Obama’s speech Dear Editor, I don’t know where he gets his information from but if you take time to read the text of Obama’s speech there is no mention of the Muslim brotherhood which is a […]

Please vote no on joining Brandon to the Iron Belle Trail.

Dear Editor, Along with our Brandon tax assessments, Kathy Thurman sends the “Brandon Township News,” a note about happenings in the township. In the 2017 version she writes, “A segment of the Iron Belle Trail going through Brandon Township… was considered. Although 4 possible routes were suggested, there was not enough support to move forward […]

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 30

Septemberfest 2017 Dear Editor, Brandon Township Parks and Recreation has been honored to host our 28th annual Septemberfest. By our side were our many support groups and businesses with a majority of funding coming from Gold sponsors, Genysis Credit Union and Meijer of Oxford. Our Platinum sponsors were Randy Wise Ford, MSU Federal Credit Union, […]

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 23

(In response to, Why all the hate?, The Citizen, a letter by Vickie Lucus, Sept. 2, page 6) Unfit nincompoop Dear Editor, It is uncanny that Ms. Lucas cannot see Trump as the deplorable bigot he is. Instead she has dissidence with me. As a Korean War veteran, I have lived long enough to know […]

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

Country living Dear Editor, Although the ViewPoints offers a variety of free speech – when a post starts off asking readers to “grow up” since their viewpoint does not agree with his – it’s hard to take them seriously. I dislike everything about the Iron Bell Trail. As a woman of science I’d love to […]

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