I want the greatness back

(In response to, “America has never stopped being great,” a letter by J. Galer, The Citizen, April 9, page 6) Dear Editor While I have no interest in playing tennis with anyone on this page, I felt it necessary to respond to Miss J. Galer`s response to my letter. First of all, it is good […]

‘Discovering Michigan County by County’

By Susan Bromley Staff Writer Brandon Twp.- Barb VanderMolen was 11-years-old when the Mackinac Bridge was built and remembers thinking she would never see it. Born and raised in Wayne County, the daughter of a Teamsters truck driver who worked every Saturday, and a mother who didn’t drive, the family had no disposable income and […]

Recipe for disaster

As a cook of some repute, I am asked to share a recipe now and then. Here’s one that you will enjoy: RECIPE FOR DISASTER Ingredients · One demagogue, choose an old, plump one · An angry electorate · A rapidly changing culture, no expiration date needed · Declining manufacturing jobs · Increasing immigration · […]

Contact Us 2

Contact Us 2 Theodore E. “Ted” Freymiller (Coach Fry), of Webster, Wisconsin, passed away on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at the young age of 92. Ted was residing at the Continuing Care Center in the Burnett Medical Center in Grantsburg, WI. Ted was born on August 6, 1923, to Ernest and Erna (Franke) Freymiller in […]

You’re Never Too Old To Learn

By Jim Sherman, Sr. First published ten years ago, March 15, 2006. I have even more proof that you’re never too old to learn, not that any was needed. And it involves my own trade, a preacher and a woman. It is also an unsavory tale of stealth, smuggling and the King of England. The […]

Big Jim Sherman likes fried chicken and…

By Jim Sherman, Sr.   This Jottings was first published on July 21, 1982. Mike Downey, a Chicago imported sports columnist for The Detroit Free Press, recently devoted his space to things he hates. All I could think of when I read it was doing a column on things I like: Here goes: White shoes […]

PBS documentary exploring death features local man

A television documentary that explores and demystifies the topic of death will feature an Oxford man who’s been dealing with the Grim Reaper’s handiwork for most of his life. “Death is a taboo (subject),” said Matt Smith, a 43-year-old licensed funeral director, embalmer and restorative artist. “People are afraid of it. It’s funny because they’re […]