Crime Watch July 3, 2021

Domestic assault
At 1:47 a.m., June 19, Brandon deputies responded to a report of domestic assault. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the victim, who said she worked there as a caretaker. She said she had stepped outside to smoke, and saw her ex-boyfriend in the yard running toward her. She attempted to get back inside before he got her, but was not able to. She said he punched her several times in the head. During the assault, she said he took the key fob to her mother’s car.
Deputies were unable to contact the suspect and a warrant was requested for domestic assault and larceny.
Identity theft
At 9:26 p.m., June 21, Brandon deputies responded to a report of identity theft. The complainant came to the substation and stated she was trying to buy a vehicle and was at the bank and found numerous unauthorized accounts on her credit report. The credit report gave names and addresses linked to her account. One of the names she recognized because she had been receiving information about a Kohls account at her address in that name.
The unauthorized accounts go back to 2010.
Drug overdose
At 8:31 p.m., June 22, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a drug overdose. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with a man who said his adult daughter had taken too much prescription medication, been drinking and then she was breaking things in the house. Deputies spoke with the daughter, who was having trouble standing and speaking incomplete sentences. Brandon Fire was called to come and check her out. The parents said there was no physical touching or harm, but both were worried about the amount of alcohol and prescription medication in her system. When Brandon Fire arrived, the subject refused to get out of the patrol vehicle and was not making sense.
She was transported by deputies to the hospital for a possible overdose.
Property damage accident
At 6:05 p.m., June 22, Brandon deputies responded to the 4000 block of Big Fish Lake Road for a property damage accident. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the homeowner who said that she heard a crash in her front yard and went outside to look when she saw a vehicle leaving the scene. She followed the vehicle and called 911.

Deputies went to the responsible’s home to see the damage to the vehicle and speak with the suspect. The woman said she did not know how the damage happened to her vehicle and that she had been drinking after she got home. It was determined she was home for an hour before deputy arrival. She was given a preliminary breath test, which resulted in a .226 blood alcohol content approximately an hour after she got home.
She was issued two citations, one for failing to report an accident and another for careless driving.
Property damage
At 11:37 p.m., June 26, Brandon deputies responded to a report of accidental property damage. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the complainant who said a tree fell on her car. She was advised to contact someone to have the tree cut off of the vehicle and contact deputies with the full extent of the damage once the tree was removed.
Neighborhood trouble
At 9:51 p.m., June 24, Brandon deputies responded to a report of neighborhood trouble. The complainant walked into the substation and said that while at work and getting mail, a man driving a truck accused her of blocking the easement to both businesses. The man then yelled vulgarity at her and spit on her car before driving off. Based on the license plate the deputies were able to find a name and home address of the responsible. He denied the incident, but was still warned that his behavior could become harassment if he didn’t control himself in the future.

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