Crime Watch March 6, 2021

At 4 p.m., Feb. 18, Brandon deputies responded to a report of fraud and identity theft. The caller stated that a week prior, he received a call from a branch of his banking institution in Ohio, and they informed him that someone with a Michigan driver’s license tried to withdraw $3,800 from his account. He spoke to an employee of the bank at a branch in Michigan, and together they spoke to a different Branch in Ohio that gave the suspect $11,000 from his account. They also found that $1,500 was withdrawn from a branch in Pennsylvania. He made a complaint with his bank and was told to report it to his local police station. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.
At 11:42 a.m., Feb. 22, Brandon deputies responded to a request for assistance from a citizen. The caller stated that her neighbors across the street had three of their vehicles parked on the road blocking her driveway and mailbox. She stated they were parked there due to snow conditions, but that she was unable to receive mail that day due to the vehicles. Deputies contacted the post office and spoke to the employee who delivered that day. She said she couldn’t recall if there was a vehicle blocking the way or if that address simply did not have mail that day. The complainant was advised to call and report parking issues when they happen so that they can be addressed properly.
Personal injury
At 5:47 a.m., Feb. 17, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a personal injury accident in the area of Granger and Ortonville roads. The two vehicles collided, and a 40 year old victim was transported to the hospital with neck pain. No other injuries were reported.

Property damage
At 8:08 p.m., Feb. 17, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a property damage accident. The vehicle struck two mailboxes and came to rest in the ditch. There were no injuries reported.
At 10:44 p.m., Feb. 13, Brandon deputies responded to a report of fraud.
The complainant stated that he purchased a computer from BestBuy about 4 years ago and at the time purchased an extended service contract, which has since expired. He stated he noticed on his bank statement a $399 from Geek Squad, the service department for BestBuy. He believed this to be a renewal of the service contract. He stated he also received an email referring to the charge from someone he believed to be a Geek Squad employee. The email contained a phone number, which he called to tell them he did not want to continue with the contract and didn’t want to spend the $399.
The unknown person advised him to go to his computer and enter the amount he wanted refunded into a box that appeared on his screen. The victim said the person told him to type $400 into the box and it would automatically refund that amount. Once he did, he checked his bank account on the computer and saw a $4,000 deposit in his account. He also stated at that time the computer seemed to be acting on it’s own as if it were being controlled remotely. The person advised the victim there had been a mistake and that he would need to pay back the $4,000 immediately, and that the only way to do so was with BestBuy gift cards. The victim went to multiple stores to purchase gift cards and gave the suspect the codes on the back. The person told the victim that some of the gift cards weren’t working and to buy more. The victim purchased a total of 13 gift cards for $500 each. However, the final two cards were denied by his credit card.
There was a total of $5,500 in gift cards purchased. The case remains open.
Family trouble
At 6:12 p.m., Feb. 18, Brandon deputies responded to a report of family trouble. The sister has been threatening to beat up the complainant for the past day and brought her intoxicated boyfriend back to the house. The subject is not allowed to be there and were causing problems. The argument was over living arrangements, and the complainant was advised that this was a civil matter and was given advice.

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