Crime Watch May 1, 2021

At 6:18 p.m., April 19, Brandon deputies responded to a report of trespassing in the 5000 block of Oakhill Road.
Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the complainant. He stated that a truck drove to the back of his easement and went off to the left into the property of the power lines and drove a few feet into marsh. Deputies located the truck, which was in the middle of the marsh with a woman in the driver’s seat and a man outside by the front tire. Deputies asked the woman how the vehicle got to the middle of the marsh, and she said her friend drove it there. She said she was picked up by her friend and they were going to another person’s house when he began to drive up the easement and by the power lines. He then got the truck stuck in the marsh. The male also said he was picked up by the suspect and was in the vehicle when it got stuck. He said the suspect left to get another vehicle to pull it out. The vehicle was impounded, and a citation for trespassing was mailed to the suspect, as he was not able to be located in the area.
At 5:51 p.m., April 22, Brandon deputies responded to a report of harassing communications. Upon arrival, deputies met with a woman who explained that her ex’s new girlfriend was sending her messages from a number the complainant has blocked but can still see. The complainant asked that the messages stop, but they continued. She said she is in the process of getting a personal protection order against her ex and the suspect. Deputies saw the phone number that matched the one for the suspect.
Deputies contacted the suspect, and she said that she did contact and did say what was in the messages, but agreed to stop all contact and will not try to contact the complainant any other way.
Property damage
At 6:47 p.m., April 25, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a property damage traffic crash. Upon arrival, deputies were met by the home owner. She explained that while she was inside her home, she heard a loud crash. When she went outside, she saw both of her vehicles had been hit and a red SUV owned by her neighbor driving away.
Deputies went to the neighbor’s house to question the driver, and she stated that she was around the corner picking up her son from the baby sitter. She said while on her way home, her toddler son grabbed the steering wheel causing her to drive into the neighbor’s vehicles. She said that because she was so close to home, she decided to park in her driveway shortly before deputies arrived. She said that her son was not belted and was ‘bouncing around the front seat.’ She said she didn’t know why she didn’t secure him in the seat.

She does not have a driver’s license, the vehicle was not registered and she does not have a plate or insurance. She was issued citations for driving with a suspended license, driving an unregistered vehicle, not having insurance and for a violation of child restraint laws for a child under 4.
She was instructed not to drive the vehicle anymore and to contact the court.
At 1:19 a.m., on April 25, Brandon deputies responded to a report of suspicious circumstances.
Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the resident. He stated he left the home at 4 p.m. and came home at 1 a.m. He noticed that the front door was open and he entered the home to make sure no one was inside. The residence was empty, and that nothing was missing at the time of the report. He found that the bedroom window was also broken. There were no signs of forced entry at the front door, but it would not close properly.
At 7:34 p.m., April 23, Brandon deputies responded to a report of fraud. Upon arrival, deputies met with a woman in person and her son via phone. The woman explained that she had received an email about a car warranty plan that she was charged for and to contact the phone number provided. She said she called the phone number and gave them her debit card number and bank account number over the phone for what she thought was a refund. She was then told to get gift cards and send them to the person she was speaking with. She did not do this due to not having a means of transportation. She then received a call from her bank the next day about fraudulent charges and the charges were stopped. She did not lose any money but was concerned about them having her information. She was provided with a report number. Since no money was lost and the bank was handling the fraudulent charges, no further investigation was needed. She was advised on techniques for fraud use for future reference.
At 2:38 p.m., April 23, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a sudden death in the 4000 block of Ramsey. Upon arrival, Brandon Fire Department was on the scene of an out-of-control ground fire. Fire department personnel showed deputies where the deceased subject was. Deputies made contact with someone in the home, who stated she lived there with her father who was the victim. She said that she had last seen him around 11 a.m. and he told her he was going to go burn some leaves, and she went to bed.
Deputies interviewed the next door neighbor, who called 911 after he saw the smoke was out of control. The subject had been badly burned. There were no signs of foul play.

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