Crime Watch May 15, 2021

At 11:12 a.m., May 3, Brandon deputies responded to a report of an illegal marijuana grow operation.
Upon arrival, deputies noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the residence. No one answered the door, but there were several cars in the driveway. Deputies went to the back building and knocked on the door. Two men opened the door and exited the building. Deputies asked who lived at the house, and they stated they just worked there and were helping a friend.
The owner was contacted by phone, and he stated he recently purchased the property in the last year and stated he had the proper paperwork for the grow operation. The only documentation the owner provided was a copy of the marijuana grow card.
The two subjects on the property admitted to having 72 plants, and the owner of the property was advised that the next time he was in town, he should file the proper paperwork.
At 7:53 p.m., May 7, Brandon deputies responded to a request for assistance from the fire department for a medical incident.
Upon arrival, deputies met with Brandon Township Fire personnel who were administrating to two members of a baseball team. Deputies were advised the victims were playing short stop and left field and were attempting to catch a fly ball when they collided.
Brandon fire transported one of the victims to the hospital, while the other victim’s parents transported the student to a different hospital. One of the victims reported sustained injuries.
Vehicle theft
At 7:21 a.m., May 7, Brandon deputies responded to a report of vehicle theft.
The complainant stated that the suspect had she had gone with her boyfriend to pick up his adult son because he felt he was in danger. They picked the suspect up and brought him back to their home and went to bed around 11 p.m. The victim stated that she got up at midnight and saw the bedroom door was closed for the room the suspect was staying in. That morning, they woke up and found the suspect was not in the room and that her vehicle was missing. They found a note from the suspect stating he was taking the car and where he was heading. The following day, the victim was notified by the suspect’s ex-girlfriend in another state that the vehicle and the suspect were in the area of her residence.
Deputies contacted the local police department in the area, and units there found the vehicle and arrested the suspect. The case was forwarded to the auto theft unit.

Mental health
At 7:01 p.m., May 6, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a mental health call at a group home for a resident that was running away.
Deputies searched the area for the subject, as well as 50 employees of the owner of the group home. Local neighbors began calling 911 when the suspect started going door to door asking for a ride somewhere.
During the search, a white vehicle picked up the subject and left with him. Deputies responded back to the group home to confirm that the subject was back at the residence and all search parties were cancelled. Deputies spoke with the subject, and he did not appear to care about what had happened and said he did not want to be there anymore.
The owner of the home was told to have his staff call 911 immediately upon locating a missing person in such circumstances.
Disorderly conduct
At 6:29 a.m., May 9, Brandon deputies responded to a report of disorderly conduct.
The caller stated an unknown man was inside her home. Upon arrival, deputies located a man sitting in the driveway and leaning against the home. The man had slurred speech and couldn’t hold himself upright. The caller said he did not make any aggressive gestures and did not try to hurt her. Deputies helped the suspect to his feet and gave him two Preliminary Breath Tests, both of which showed a .000 percent alcohol level. Deputies asked what he had taken and he was able to state he took Valium and Klonopin. Brandon Fire was requested on the scene to transport him for detox, and he was issued a citation for disorderly conduct.
Family trouble
At 10:52 a.m., May 11, Brandon deputies responded to a report of family trouble.
The caller stated that women were fighting outside. Deputies spoke to all involved parties, and they agreed this was an ongoing family issue and no one wanted to pursue charges. At the request of the homeowner, three of the involved parties were advised they weren’t welcome at the residence again and would be cited for trespassing if they were to show up.

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