Crime Watch May 8, 2021

At 3:12 p.m., April 28, Brandon deputies responded to a report of trespassing on Pinewood Lane. The complainant stated that someone who lives down the street from him had recently walked into his garage and took a case of beer. He said the man did the same thing a year prior. He said he didn’t want to press charges, but wanted the incident documented. Deputies asked if the complainant wanted the man advised on trespassing if he were to do it again, with trespassing being a lesser charge than theft from a building, and the complainant agreed. Deputies contacted the suspect’s father, who stated he was aware and that the suspect was his own guardian but would advise him of the trespass warning.
Disorderly person
At 6:28 a.m., on April 29, Brandon deputies responded to a report of disorderly person. Upon arrival, deputies observed two men on the ground, the man on top holding the other on the ground with his hands behind his back. The man on top identified himself as an officer. Deputies handcuffed the other male, who said he was having a bad day and wanted to go to the hospital. Deputies notified dispatch to send Brandon Fire personnel. Deputies spoke with a caregiver at the residence, who said the man had grabbed three bagels and she told him he needed to put two back and take some fruit. She said that he then turned around and slapped her on the side of her face, then left the kitchen to get dressed. She said when he came back, she attempted to give him his medication and he refused and tried to hit her again. The two continued their argument outside, and he started jumping and punching on her back. She stated that she had to defend herself and started hitting him back in self-defense. She refused medical attention, but the suspect was taken to the hospital and issued a citation for assault and battery.
Family trouble
At 3:07 p.m., on April 28, Brandon deputies responded to a report of family trouble. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the complainant, who worked front desk of the emergency room. She stated that the victim did not want the hospital to call the police, but the woman was informed by the nurse that she was a mandated state reported for domestic violence and had to call. The victim refused to give her name and did not want to talk about what happened. She eventually stated that she and her ex-boyfriend had been dating for a year and a half. She said that they were arguing the night prior and that it did not get physical but that they broke up and she made him take all his things. The following morning, she said she went to the man’s property to retrieve some of her things, and he was still very angry at that time. At the time, when she attempting to get in, the man was sitting in his vehicle. She said he then got out of his vehicle and began kicking her vehicle. She said she then hit him with her car because he was trying to take personal things from her car.

She told deputies she felt she was the aggressor in this situation. The two of them then began swinging large tree branches at each other’s cars, and that he went in her car and took her keys, debit card, and cash, then threw her phone. He then swung another tree branch at her across her leg where she sustained a laceration. She walked to a nearby business to call for help since she did not have her car keys or phone. She said later that day he had returned her keys and debit card to her grandmother. The case was forwarded to the detective bureau.
Domestic assault
At 10:28 a.m., April 30, Brandon deputies responded to a report of domestic assault. The caller was a third-party, a friend of the victim, who stated that the victim’s husband has always been abusive. Upon arrival, deputies met with the suspect and the victim, who were married and have children together. The victim had obvious marks around her neck and forearms. She stated that the two of them had a verbal argument that day and the marks were because she has high anxiety and scratches herself all the time. She also had an old black eye, which she said was from horseplay. The husband was arrested for domestic violence and lodged at Oakland County Jail, and the case was forwarded to the detective bureau.
Missing persons
At 4:10 p.m., April 29, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a missing person. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with a resident who stated that the woman left the residence around 10:30 a.m. after contacting a LYFT ride. He said she had been throwing her medication in the trash for weeks and was talking about leaving. No one saw her leave or knew what she was wearing. The woman has no family or friends nearby and always stays home. The woman’s guardian stated that this is out of the ordinary for the woman. She was entered into the system as a missing person and the case was forwarded to the detective bureau.
Drug OD
At 9:44 p.m., on April 27, Brandon deputies responded to the 100 block of South Street for a possible drug overdose. Deputies spoke with a person who had been yelling at the resident to wake up from the front door. He said he was bringing groceries to the resident, and that she was slumped back on a chair and unresponsive, so he began yelling for her to wake up. Deputies went into the residence and saw that she had shallow breathing and low pulse. Deputies administered Narcan to the woman, and within a few minutes, she was responsive. She told deputies she had snorted prescribed Narcos that evening. She was transported for additional medical treatment.

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