Detroit Unseen

By Shelby Stewart

The Bethany Emmanuel Church, Pulford Street Detroit. Photo by Robert Huston.
The Bethany Emmanuel Church, Pulford Street Detroit. Photo by Robert Huston.

Staff Writer
Photographer Robert Huston zooms in on what’s not seen in Detriot.
At 7 p.m., Oct. 26, the Brandon Township Public Library, 304 South. St. will be hosting his nine-year photography project of the Motor City.
“I started to take photos of Detroit around 2008,” said Huston. “I was interested in documenting Detroit and the changes taking place. I was watching these beautiful buildings become abandoned and get destroyed.”
Huston made it his goal to document the buildings that were abandoned before they would be demolished in the name of progress.
The project, titled ‘Detroit Unseen,’ is not meant to focus on the negative aspects of abandonment of building in Detroit said Huston.
“I look at them as beautiful, unique pieces of history, art, and craftsmanship,” he said.

“I will be discussing how we can save the buildings from being demolished or ruined, by repurpose and renovation. I am a firm believer that we need to preserve our past and the many of the majestic pre-depression era buildings are disappearing.”
For almost a decade Huston has gone into the city and photographed the buildings, and he has truly enjoyed every moment of the buildings stopped in time.
“Whenever I finish exploring a location, I will immerse myself in all the history and knowledge of whatever location it was,” he said. “I learned to respect the buildings and appreciate each individual location and just what went into creating each of these masterpieces.”
Huston hopes that the people who see his presentation see the positives that he does in his project and in the city.
“I hope that people see that our history needs to be protected. I want other people to see how important it is to save these buildings from extinction,” he said. “I hope that my photographs can help shine some light onto this issue within our great city.”

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