District adds Nightlocks to doors

By David Fleet
Goodrich — With the new school year are new updated security devices.
District superintendent Wayne Wright said in addition to new Schlage brand locks installed on classroom doors in district buildings last year a second security device will be operational when students return to class on Sept. 6.
“New Nightlocks will be on all district classroom doors,” said Wright. “So now we have a double-lock fail safe system district-wide.”
The second lock was added to classroom doors, located at the bottom that can be operated by foot. A piece of hardware mounts to the door and another piece mounts to the floor. One end is slid into a slot into the door; the other end fits into a notch in a metal plate mounted on the floor. The Nightlocks allow for the classroom door to remain closed and unable to be opened via the doorknob.
Also, on July 25, the school board of trustees voted 5-0 to replace about 120 security cameras in the district with newer technology. The upgraded cameras were supplied by Farmington Hills based Capricorn Diversified Systems.
The upgrades are IQ eye legacy security cameras and include: 15 cameras at Reid Elementary; 24 cameras at Oaktree Elementary; 35 cameras at the middle school and 47 at the high school. Upgrades also included Digital Watchdog cameras.
Prior to the first day of classes, Aug. 29, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office provided Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate (ALICE) safety protocol for the district staff.

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