District to consider ATM on high school campus

By David Fleet
Goodrich-On Sept. 24 the school board of education discussed a request by ELGA Credit Union for an ATM on campus near the intersection of Hegel ATM Goodrich High Schooland Gale roads.
“We believe this is the nucleus of what goes on in this community with all the events and the student participation,” said ELGA Credit Union CEO Karen Church. . “The ATM would offer the ability to get cash when you come to an event and you’re empty pocketed and did not realize it. It would allow for the teachers and faculty to use it. It would be a good place to deposit funds after a game or some function.”
Church said the location was chosen based on the traffic flow coming in and out of the high school while keeping it out of the way of any buses or students.
“The green space has good visibility from both Hegel and Horton roads,” she said.
Church added there would be a lease agreement on the ground and a consideration of a revenue sharing program on the ATM machine.

ELGA would also provide education on financial services for students and a co-op program at the credit union.
In August 2017 ELGA Credit Union, opened a branch at 8125 S. State Road in the village.
“We love the partnership we are forming with the schools,” she said.
Several board members expressed concern for the project including the districts liability for ATM customers on campus.
The ELGA Credit Union carries a hefty bond for all of our business including our ATMs on promise and off premise, added Church.
“Your school would not have any liability should something happen to the machine,” she said. “And we have insurance to cover anything happen to a person.”
Trustee Chip Schultz questioned the location of the ATM.
“It’s great if we are going to use it for our sports,” said Schultz. “It is no where near any of those areas. Are they going to drive to the other side of the school to get money for a bag of popcorn.”
This would be the first ATM on high school campuses, although Fenton Schools are also under consideration.
“We have a good population of members in this area,” said Church. “But we have not looked at traffic counts.”
Further deliberation with ELGA and district officials will be scheduled.