Elementary,middle school summer virtual learning

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Schools are looking forward to their summer programs once again this year, but the big change for summer of 2020 is that the classes and camps are all virtual.
“Our cornerstone this summer is our virtual learning program,” said Janice Meek, Brandon Executive Director of Business Services. “It’s hybrid, because we have teachers monitoring progress and checking in, and it’s free, which is the best part.”
The summer virtual learning programs for elementary and middle school students are usually taught in the school buildings during the summer, but this year they will use the devices provided by the school to take the classes, which are free for students in the Brandon School District.
“They already have the device, they’re already familiar with the home-learning model,” said Meek. “There are no more than 10 students per teacher and it’s kind of an individual pace. We feel like this is a really good buffer for any kids that need to catch-up before the school year starts. A student can take that anywhere, vacation, day care center, there’s a lot of advantages to being virtual.”

In addition to the school program, they are also offering the virtual summer camps for a fee, such as coding, math and science camps, social skills classes and more.
“Some of them are one or two sessions,” she said. “We even have chess with real teachers teaching the students. The beauty is there is no reason not to take a class.”
The school district will also continue the lunch and breakfast programs they have been hosting for the last few months. Find the brochure and link to register at

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