Engineering, computer science classes at GHS

By David Fleet
On June 28 the Goodrich School Board of Trustees approved two new classes in computer science and engineering this fall for freshman and sophomores.
“We now have the opportunity to offer two hands-on courses that will benefit our students in a high demand field,” said Michael Baszler, Goodrich High School principal. “These classes will help students with the experiences and opportunity while they are in high school.”
The engineering class is a dedicated career pathway, project based class and is not a one-and-done, said Baszler. Engineering Essentials offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning foundational concepts of engineer practice, providing students opportunities to explore the breadth of engineering career opportunities and experiences and solve engaging and challenging real-world problems. The class provides students an understanding of engineering and career opportunities. Engineering Essentials broadens participation in engineering education and the engineering profession.
“We hope to build off at the high school level and even at the lower level,” he said.
The Computer Science Discoveries course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as problem solving, programming, physical computing, user centered design, and data, while inspiring students as they build their own websites, apps, animations, games, and physical computing systems. It spans six Units: Problem Solving and Computing, Web Development, Interactive Animations and Games, The Design Process, Data and Society and Physical Computing.
“Anytime you offer classes in computer programming, students are interested,” he said.

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