Fill’er-up makes a comeback with coronavirus concerns

By David Fleet
Brandon Twp.-The gasoline shortages of the 1970s resulted in permanent closure of many full-service gas stations.
With the recent spread of COVID-19, “fill’er-up” has returned.
On March 24, The Pantry/Mobile, 1152 Ortonville Road opened two pumps to full service fuel. Pumps, five and six have been designated for those customers that may wish to stay in their vehicles and avoid contact with the self service pumps or maintaining the social distancing requirements.
Keith Ford, owner of the local business said the service will hopefully reduce some of the anxiety.
“With the current times we are facing it’s understandable customers not wanting to touch the pump handle, key pad or come in contact with an employee,” said Ford.

“So we are offering customers the option of staying in their vehicle, filling their tanks, getting a few groceries or ordering Tropical Smoothies,” he said. “It’s not a money maker for us, rather a way for us to give back to the community in these trying times. The service also provides a few extra hours of work for our employees.”
The attendants where protective gloves and are trained to assist customers who wish to remain in their vehicle.
“The attendant will also place the items, such as smokes, food, beverages, hot or cold in the vehicle where needed,” said Ford. “We all will get back to normal life soon, but until then we’d like to help out.”
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