Full of Wonder!!

Dear Ortonville-Brandon Community,

Next week, the Brandon School District will be hosting its annual kindergarten round-up and preschool enrollment days. With these events on the horizon and the start of their formal education just around the corner, I have to admit that I just love this age group. I would challenge anyone to spend five to ten minutes in a class full of these amazing young people and not walk away with a full heart and a giant smile on your face. Their energy, their spirit, and their sense of wonder are a few of the many things that makes this group so special. With this in mind, I thought that I would share a few of the many lessons that we can all learn from our young learners:

1) There are lessons everywhere – As human beings, life is about learning. We learn from our successes, failures and each of our experiences. Continuing that thirst for learning throughout our lives will help to energize us all.

2) Laugh every day – Children find joy in so many aspects of their lives. Life is too short not to do the same. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy a good laugh as often as possible.

3) New friends – I love watching our little ones searching out new friends. They hunger for these connections and, the more friends that they can get involved in their games, the better.

4) Oblivious to the negative – When I see the young students dancing and singing at the top of their lungs, you come to realize that social pressure has not reared its ugly head. They are not concerned with what others will say or how they will be perceived. They are living life to the fullest and not letting anyone rain on their parade.

5) Wonder in their eyes – Perhaps the greatest strength of our young learners is that they see the world with wonder every day. Their lives are filled with firsts. The first time they ride a bus, the first time that they speak in front of a class or the first time they get to climb on the new playground. While it may not be our first rodeo as adults, maintaining that sense of wonder in our lives will keep our spirit strong and days full of joy.

As we welcome our newest class of students to the Brandon School District, please join me in wishing them well. May your next year, ten years, fifty years… be full of wonder!

I wish you all the best for the beginning of spring. Go Blackhawks!!!


Matthew S. Outlaw