Game on: F3 Arcade to open in Goodrich

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Goodrich — When they were looking to open a local business, Russell and Tami Foster turned to the community.
“My wife was looking to get out of nursing, I was tired of what I was doing, so we asked the community what they wanted,” said Russell Foster, co-owner. “The feedback we kept getting was that they wanted something for kids to do and somewhere for them to go.”
The idea that they came up with based on community feedback was an arcade, and this F3 Arcade is set to open at 8159 South State Road, Goodrich in a few weeks.
“We purchased the machines, rented the space, and we’ve been renovating since January,” said Foster. “There will be a parent area for parents to hang out and watch their kids, and in the back will be an event room so people can host birthday parties here. Eventually we’ll add on more machines, then we hope to branch out into other communities if possible.”
Tami grew up in Goodrich, and the couple still live there, so opening something in Goodrich was an easy decision for them.
“She grew up here, she raised kids here, so she knew there wasn’t much to do for kids,” said Foster. “I hope the community comes out and supports us, because really, it’s for them.”
Patrons will be able to get a card at the arcade to fill and refill with credits, and snacks and drinks will be available for credits too. Each credit is 25 cents.
Visit F3 Arcade in a few weeks when they open, 8159 South State Road, Goodrich. 248-660-1481

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