GHS senior completes hands on school project

By David Fleet
Goodrich-Students at high school have given GHS Senior Lauren Hunt a hand. IMG_6153
Many hands.
For her senior capstone project Hunt utilized her artistic abilities and opted to rid the school of a white drab hallway with a mural featuring the hand prints of all the seniors.
“About 125 of the seniors participated,” said Hunt, who will attend Jackson Community College in the fall for two years. “This is a great example of diversity. Each hand print is individual—some students choose polka dot hand prints, some psychedelic and some are two left hands or even five fingers. No one hand print is the same.”
The Capstone project was started in 2013 and is a final project that any student enrolled in an high school English class must complete to graduate. The project allows students to apply all they learned to a meaningful project.
“It’s too bad they are going to paint the wall over when I leave,” laughed Hunt. “This took me about 30 hours to complete.”
Hunt plans on attending Kendall College of Art and Design to complete her studies.