Giving back to the community

Jeff McClure is trying to make a difference in the community, but he needs your help.
McClure is the owner of Timbermen Tree and Landscaping Inc. He has only been doing tree removal full time for about six months after leaving his job at Pontiac Coil and Engineering.
In his short time on the job, McClure has noticed that many handicaped and elderly residents need services like his but are unable to pay for it.
‘If an elderly individual has a tree fall down on their lawn and they don’t have the money to have it removed who do they call? I think businesses in the community should step up and help,? McClure said.
McClure’s idea is to have a list of local businesses who would be willing to help these individuals. In return, the business list would be viewed by residents who would see which companies give back to the community, and hopefully give business to those organizations.
‘I will be the first one on the list,? McClure said. ‘If everyone was willing to chip in a little bit it would not be that much time out of everybody’s schedule. All the companies could get together and knock these jobs out in no time.?
McClure has run into some of these needy individuals during his first few months on the job. He has done storm clean-up for some elderly residents who have cried with joy after the project was done.
‘It just gives you a great feeling after you help someone out like that. That is what being in a community is all about,? McClure said. ‘I have been inspired by my former boss John Moody at Pontiac Coils and Engineering who would give back to the community in so many ways that would not be publicized. I really want to take a page out of his book.?
McClure said anyone interested in being on the list or a community organization willing to take on this project can give him a call at (248) 673-8733.
‘I would love one of the service organizations or a group of people to run with this and organize it. We would need the information of both the businesses and the people in need,? McClure said.