Golden retrievers missing from township home

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
On May 22, Sally Culp and her daughter Sarah Culp found that their two golden retrievers, Henry and Anna, were missing from the corner of Granger and Hadley roads.
“We had put our dogs on the back deck and we blocked off the stairs with a gate like we always do,” said Sally. “They were quiet for a while, so I thought they were napping like they usually do. We went out and saw around four that the gate fell or was knocked over.”
On May 23 a report was filed with the Oakland County Sheriff Office at the Brandon Substation.
Both of them posted on local Facebook pages, their personal pages, and the ‘For the Love of Louie’ Michigan lost-and-found dogs Facebook page. The posts have been shared an estimated thousand times.
“We got one response immediately,” said Sarah. “She thought she saw two goldens being picked up in a pick-up truck facing west on Glass Road. She said she was trying to avoid the truck because it looked as though the dogs were trying to jump out.”
Both goldens weigh around 65 pound and are average height for a golden, around 22 inches. Henry is 5 years old and not neutered. He was last wearing a red plaid collar. Anna is two, spayed, has a hot spot on top of her head, and is microchipped.

She also has a green tag and a black spot on her tongue towards the back. Henry is described as a field golden, meaning he is more lean. Anna is from a breeder called Millstone Goldens, which breeds pure-bred show goldens. Both are light in color. On Sunday night, Sarah saw a photograph of a found dog in Ann Arbor on Facebook that she believed to be Henry, but shaved by a groomer. Sarah said the day before he got out, he rolled around outside and got dirty, and was in need of a bath.
“I looked at the details, he was listed as a 5 year old male, and in tact,” said Sarah. “I think I’m the only person crazy enough not to neuter my dog, but the only other reason would be to breed him.”
The two follow up on every lead that comes in, and there have been a few including in Ann Arbor, though the dog was returned to someone claiming to be the owner. “All you need to see is their eyes to know that is your dog,” said Sarah. “I firmly believe the person stole them and sold them.”
It is also believed that they may have been separated, as a lead came in about a golden following a woman in a stroller. Sally said it would make sense for them to be drawn to children as her grandson lives with them. “At this point, we have done everything,” said Sally. “We just are hoping for that one phone call to come in. It’s all we can do, we can hope, we can pray and hope whoever has them is taking care of them.”
There is also a reward offered for their return with no questions asked. “We would like to get them back, they’re our family,” said Sally. “If we end up not getting them back, I just hope they’re in good hands.”
If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Henry and Anna, call Sally Culp at 248-736-4471. Sally also said someone in the area called her to say someone in a pick-up tried to take her golden from her yard, saying they thought it was one of Sally’s. She cautions anyone to keep an eye on their dogs outside.