Good Friday cross walk remembered

CarryingOCrossBWOn Good Friday, April 16, 1976, David Van Dis lead a group through downtown Ortonville reenacting Christ’s last walk with a wooden cross. Van Dis Cross at OUMC Bw
constructed the cross in his Ortonville garage and presented it to the Ortonville United Methodist Church, 93 Church St.
The cross was installed during Good Friday services which included Lake Louise Church of the Nazarene, Ortonville United Methodist Church, Petecostal Revival Church and Seymour Lake United Methodist Church. David Van Dis passed away Jan. 30, 2018.
“At the conclusion of the Good Friday service, a representative of each church hammered a spike into the cross, it was extremely emotional.” Sharon Van Dis, recalls. “Dave’s prayer until his passing was that all would know how much Jesus loved them.”
The cross remains part of the church today.