Goodrich CARES Club

By David Fleet
Goodrich-A sign that offered “Free Popsicles” recently drew a host of students at the high school cafeteria.
On Nov. 6, the sweet reward drew a long line of students to play the matching game organized by the CARES Club.
Goodrich CARES Club, Compassion, Acceptance, Respect and Empathy is a new LGBTQ club at the high school.
Co-sponsors, Desiree Rocheleau and Amy Posey have been overwhelmed by the support of staff and students so far this school year. The goals of the club are twofold; to support LGBTQ youth and their straight allies at GHS and to help spread awareness and understanding among all students and staff. The club meets twice a month and is open to anyone at any time, no questions asked.
At the meetings, students plan monthly positivity projects to simply spread good vibes and help everyone in the school to feel loved and supported.
The matching game played on Wednesday was one example of these positivity projects.
The only requirement was that the students had to attempt to match common LGBTQ terms with the definitions.

After a bit of hesitation, the line of students waiting to play the game stretched across the cafeteria.
“My favorite part of this event was when one student approached a CARES club member and told her this was the first time she saw something like this at the school that felt was specifically for her. It made her feel safe and welcome,” said Posey.
Posey said the adult sponsors admitted that they were a little nervous about how this activity would be received, so they had a discussion with the kids running the game about how to respond in a friendly way, even if someone was unkind, but it was a non-issue.
“The Goodrich student body was considerate and respectful as they learned a little about the LGBTQ community and earned a treat,” said Posey.
Another accomplishment the club is proud of this year is that there are now gender-neutral bathrooms in the school. Future CARES Club projects include sales of Goodrich CARES t-shirt, attending the annual LGBTQIA Youth Summit in March and continuing to spread the message of support and compassion in the school and community.

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