Goodrich Girls Powerlifting team tops at state competition

By David Fleet
Goodrich Girls Powerlifting coach Ron Roberts will soon sport a new look thanks to the stellar performance of his team this past weekend.
“I’ll be dying my beard on April just before the powerlifting banquet,” said Roberts. “The girls picked half purple and half magenta—my beard will be a split color.”
But the new beard hue is fine by coach Roberts who provided a challenge for his team if they took home three state championships and two runners up.
The team delivered last weekend.
On March 13, the Goodrich Girls Powerlifting Team competed at the 2021 Michigan High School Power Lifting Association Varsity state championship in Adrian.
GHS Senior Willow Tetmeyer took her fourth straight state championship. She placed first in the 198 pound weight class with a 355 pound squat, a new state record; a 135 pound bench lift, a 405 pound deadlift, a new state record and a 895 pound total weight lifted, a new state record.
GHS Roxanne Vickory placed first in the 220 pound weight class with a 275 pound squat, 125 pound bench lift, 350 pound deadlift and a 750 pound total weight lifted.
GHS Charleigh Schoenemann placed fourth in the 105 pound weight class with a 115 pound squat, 75 pound bench lift, 205 pound deadlift and a 395 pound total weight lifted.
Also on March 13 the Michigan High School Power Lifting Association Junior Varsity state championship in Millington.
GHS Evelyn Edenburn took first with a 305 pound squat lift, a new state record 125 pound bench press, 315 pound dead lift and 745 pound total weight lifted, also a new state record.
GHS Ridley Stratton took fourth place with a. 275 pound squat lift, 105 pound bench lift, 295 pound dead lift and 675 pounds total
Also Michaela Sardo, Kealah Schmitz and Lilly Edenburn competed as well, all three lifters had a good day an set several personal records.

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