Goodrich Meadows road project Ok’d

By David Fleet
Goodrich-On Monday night the village council voted 4-0 to approve Ace-Saginaw Paving Company of Flint for the roadway rehabilitation of Goodrich Meadows Subdivision at a cost of $520,862. Council member Wendy Ciaramitaro was absent.
There were a total of two bids received for the project for about 5,700 feet of roadway.
The owners of the 83 parcels in Goodrich Meadows Estates will then share the cost, through a special assessment over 10 years if needed.
Kevin Cook, project manager for Wade Trim said that since the reopening of the economy following the COVID-19 shutdowns the cost of asphalt went up initially but have been pretty stable since the winter.
“The asphalt material (cost) is not the problem,” said Cook, who attended Monday’s Village meeting. “It’s the labor shortage that’s driving it.”

Some of the residents from Goodrich Meadows attended the meeting and requested the council allocate some of the road repair budget to the project.
“In 2019 the board voted to increase the mills allocated to road repair,” said Brandy Steiner, a Goodrich Meadows resident. “And since 2001 the village has not assumed any of the cost of any repairs on our subdivision other than cold patch, while other subdivisions in our village have received significant funding for repairs.”
Steiner requested $60,000 from the village road repair budget for Goodrich Meadows and they do not expect to request any more funding for the next 10 years.
In February the village council voted 3-2 to approve $44,190 for the engineering costs of a proposed road paving project in the Goodrich Meadows Estates subdivision. The funds will come from the $60,000 allocated each year for village roads. The additional road fund millage was established by council in 2019. Council members McAbee, Walworth and Schluentz voted yes. Moore and Ciaramitaro voted no during the February meeting.
Village Council President pro-tem Keith Walworth responded to Steiner’s request regarding the additional funding and emphasized the approved funding for the engineering costs of the project.
“That’s the precedent we would like to set,” said Walworth. “Right now in the village of Goodrich all our paved streets are in pretty rough shape.”
In December 2020, the village council voted 5-0 to direct the village administrator to prepare plans and cost estimates for the Goodrich Meadows Estates subdivision to create a special assessment district for road improvements. Petitions were submitted, reviewed and inspected by the township assessor and more than 51 percent of the residents (in Goodrich Meadows) signed the petitions requesting the streets be paved.

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