Goodrich school bell, returns rings again

By David Fleet
In 1923 the Goodrich High School bell first rang reminding students it’s time for class. Now almost a century later that same clang will once again reverberate in the hallways reminding Martians it’s time for school.
GHS Senior Reilly Shellenbarger, 18, recently recovered the old bell and with the assistance of his mentor and cross county coach Al Warden returned the historical item to a usable condition.
Since 2013, GHS seniors like Shellenbarger, are challenged by a final school project that any student enrolled in a high school English class must complete to graduate. The project allows students to apply all they learn to a meaningful project.
While the creation of the old cast iron bell is uncertain since there are no names or numbers, Shellenbarger said it was rescued from demolition when the old high school was razed in the 1960s.
“The bell ended up in a garage for many years,” he said.

“Then it went back to the high school and rang on special occasions.We created a new cradle for the bell. And returned it to the high school with a fresh coat of paint.”
Also from the Capstone project Shellenbarger emphasized the effectiveness of senior mentors and their benefits in high school and beyond. This fall attended Mott Community Flint, seeking a four year degree in civil or mechanical engineering. Reilly is the son of Scott Shellenbarger.

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