Groveland vote recount

By David Fleet
Groveland Twp.-A recount will decide a close Republican supervisors race in the township. On Aug. 21, a recount was filed by candidate Kevin Scramlin, contesting the results of the Aug. 4 township supervisor primary election for the Republican party.
At 9:30 a.m., Sept. 3, four members of the county board of canvassers, two Democrats and two Republicans will recount the ballots at the county office. Due to press time, the results of the recount will be posted on when they become available.
The process includes, checking the seal on the ballot boxes to make sure they match, then the ballots are physically counted to match the poll book. The certified finial tally for the supervisor’s election was won by incumbent Bob DePalma with 678 votes, Kevin Scramlin 659 votes and Stephanie Nicholson 95.
Joe Rozell, Oakland County director of elections, commented on the recall.
“It’s a public process,” said Rozell. “ In my 13 years here at the county I’m yet to see the recount change the outcome of the election.”
The cost of the recount includes, $25 per voting precinct and $25 per absentee precinct. Since, the township has three precincts the cost was $150. Scramlin was charged the $150 and if the race’s outcome changes, that money will be returned to him. The costs to the county or township for the recount was not discussed.
“It’s only 19 votes,” said Scramlin. “I am by no means accusatory that anything was wrong during the election. However, with the number of absentee ballots, I just want to make all was done properly.”
If the recount is not positive for Scramlin he’ll consider a run in the 2024 election.
“Right now deep down I want run again,” he said. “I still want to serve the people.”

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