GTF Station 1/MSP plans set for bids

By David Fleet
Groveland Twp.-Plans for a new township Fire Station One and Michigan State Police detachment have been sent to Lansing for final approval.
The final plans for the 14,400 square feet single story building to be located on township property near the MABAS storage warehouse at 7337 Grange Hall Road on about two acres of township property was discussed during the July 12 board of trustees meeting.
“Once the prints are complete, we can get the bids out (to builders),” said DePalma. “The plans will be posted at the township office.”
According to the plans, 7,610 square feet will house the fire department and 6,720 foot will be for the Michigan State Police.
The MSP section will include holding cells, an armory, and a shared training\conference. The fire department will include a garage for eight vehicles including ladder truck and EMS units, along with office space.
The township will be selling the old building and property to pay for the cost of the new one.
“This will not be a cost to the taxpayers,” said DePalma.
Plans to replace the aging 70 year old structure located at 14645 Dixie Highway and Grange Hall Road have been ongoing for the past few years.
The building was the township’s first fire station and was owned by Oakland County during the 1970s. The building was also a doctors office and at one time a Kaiser-Frazer car dealership. In 1952, the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation was renamed Kaiser Motors Corporation and continued building passenger cars through 1955.
DePalma said the new building will be more efficient, compared to the current structure with several different heating systems.

The current fire department building is located on just over two and one half acres of township owned property—which is currently commercial. If sold, the property could capture tax revenues.
“The proceeds from selling the building and property will facilitate the cost of the new building on current owned township property,” he said. “We will complete the new fire station/MSP outpost facility before evacuating the current building.”
DePalma said an unofficial, although comprehensive estimate on the value of the old building and property has been completed. However, DePalma did not disclose the price until the negotiations are completed.
The building will be a free span steel building and home to about eight troopers. In 2011, the MSP announced that 19 former MSP posts statewide, including Groveland Township, will convert to detachments, facilities where troopers can start and end their shifts, store property/evidence and meet with the public by appointment.
“The market value of the corner of Dixie Highway and Grange Hall Road will be higher since the ORV park opened last year,” he said. “There is no out of pocket cash needed. We’ll get a very good offer for the property and the township will own the new building and property. COVID slowed the process down so I’d like to get the project going this year.”

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