Heavy rains, pump failure overflow sewer

By David Fleet
Goodrich- From about 11 p.m., Oct. 4, to 4 a.m., Oct. 5, the Genesee County Water and Waste Services reported a sanitary sewer overflow of approximately 68,000 gallons of highly diluted raw sewage into the Cartwright Creek.
The creek is adjacent to the Kearsley Creek.
According to the report, filed by Mark Horgan, GCWWS chief of operations and maintenance, the overflow occurred in the 7000 block of Dutch Road. The cause of the overflow was due to a heavy intense rain of about 2 inches, an elevated sewer system, wipes and rags along with mechanical failure.
Tim Davidek, maintenance chief of operations at the Genesee County Drain Commission, reported a failed pump that prompted the overflow. The Village of Goodrich, the sewer system owner, was in compliance and the system is maintained by Genesee County.
“There was a lot of flooding that night due to the rain,” said Davidek. “The pump at the lift station caused flooding inside (the station).

With that much rain, overflows are problematic.”
Davidek said crews for the GCWWS were on standby during the time of heavy rains for possible problems.Young’s Environmental was on the site with a 5,000 gallon tanker along with portable pumps to clean up.
“The waste water was pumped out of the lift station,” he said. ”The waste water that was discharged was very highly diluted.”
According to the report, The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Water Resources Division and Genesee County Health Department were notified on Oct. 5 within 24 hours of the discharge. In addition, a report to the daily local newspaper was provided.

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