High speed internet access push ramps up

By David Fleet
Atlas Twp. — On Tuesday evening, Atlas Township hosted the second Citizens Advisory Committee for High Speed Access.
The scope of the committee will be to take a grass-roots approach to not only bring internet access to all areas of the township and Village of Goodrich but make it reliable and strong.
“I am encouraging the residents of Atlas Township to help us try to improve the high-speed service in Atlas township,” said Jim Busch, internet committee chairperson. “The last couple of years has shown our community is under served by the high-speed providers in our area.”
Residents can help by checking the internet service providers and speed the FCC currently has listed at their residence by going to https://broadbandmap.fcc.gov/home review the listed internet options and if they see incorrect information file a challenge.
“The first step of this is to update the FCC broadband map with correct information,” he said. “Currently the FCC shows more than 95 percent of our community is currently served by one or more internet providers offering high-speed internet. This will help identify areas that are currently under-served so we can focus our effects in those areas.”
On April 15, residents should check the township Website for a survey regarding internet service. The deadline is April 30.
At 6 p.m., April 27, Atlas Township, will host an interactive seminar on possible broadband expansion in Michigan. This interactive seminar will form teams to help identify the biggest challenges residents face concerning high-speed internet.
The State of Michigan has funds available through the Build Better Back Act framework. The $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act devotes about $1 billion nationwide to broadband affordability and accessibility, alongside funding for committees and awareness efforts. Michigan has about $330 million available for communities, like Atlas Township to assist in obtaining high speed internet.
“Overall if we as residents of Atlas Township wish to fix our internet issues we need to get involved and work together to help find solutions,” said Busch.

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