Intramural sports program comes to Brandon Schools

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
On June 17, the Brandon Board of Education approved an intramural sports program 7-0. The plan for the program was introduced by athletic director Chris Dines, and would be for students grades 2-6.
“This is part of the Brandon 2025 goals,” said Dr. Matt Outlaw, district superintendent. “We want all of our students to participate in at least one learning experience beyond the traditional school day.”
The program would be more similar to a club sport and would be more for fun and exposure as opposed to competition. Dines also stated that he does not want this to compete with Brandon Recreation programs.

“We developed this with the idea to introduce them to sports they may not have already tried, expose them to new things, develop a greater interest in not only sports but maybe just fitness activities in general,” said Dines. “Learn about the fundamental basic skills of those sports, and most importantly, learn how to work in a team and develop some social skills. And just enjoy the game for what it’s meant to be and not have a lot of adult input and authoritative action.”
While each sport would have adults to supervise and teach, the games would not be competitive teams. Each session may have students on different teams than the previous session. The goal is to have this program going for the 2019-2020 school year.