Kayla DePalma, Ms. Luchow’s 5th Grade class

What I’m Going to Miss about B.F.I.S.


Kayla DePalma, Ms. Luchow’s 5th Grade class


BFIS is closing down.  The thing I’m going to miss most about BFIS is the creativity and fun throughout the school.  The reasons are the colorful and meaningful bulletin boards, the decorated ceiling tiles and the fun things we did at BFIS.  Those are great things to miss about the amazing school.

The first reason is the colorful and meaningful bulletin boards.  The bulletin boards are always colorful.  Wouldn’t it just brighten your day to see so many colors in so many different shades?  The bulletin boards are also meaningful.  Whether it is a student’s work or just a good old saying, the bulletin boards are always filled with meaning.  Lastly, they can sometimes be inspirational; inspiring you to work your hardest and do your best.  Isn’t that like one of the most important things in life?  Those bulletin boards are one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever seen.

The second reason is the decorated ceiling tiles.  The tiles are throughout the school.  Having a decorated school is nice and the ceiling tiles seem to do just the trick.  The ceiling tiles sometimes show you where you are in the school.  Like in the cafeteria there is a few ceiling tiles with pictures of food on them which would make sense that those would be in the cafeteria.  The tiles in the school are made by the students at BFIS.  Some might be of what the student(s) like about BFIS while others might just be about the student’s who made them.  These ceiling tiles are original to BFIS and a part of its history.

The last reason is all the fun things at BFIS.  First of all the basketball and dodge ball tournaments, basically everyone is going to miss that, these are everyone’s favorite whether your class wins or loses. Secondly, all the student council activities, this list includes doughnut days, spirit weeks, contests, and lots more.  The last reason is all the things the PTO has put on.  Like Haunted Holiday, fundraisers, popcorn day, and much more.  BFIS has done so many fun things that I could never list all of them.

There are so many great reasons why I will miss BFIS, but I just listed a few good ones.  Just remember the colorful, meaningful, and inspirational bulletin boards, the decorated, and original ceiling tiles, and all the fun things BFIS has done.  It’s so sad that this amazing school is closing down.