Kearsley Creek E-Coli levels higher this summer

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville-Testing on the Kearsley creek shows higher than satisfactory E-Coli levels.
“We test the creek on a regular basis,” said village manager Dale Stuart.
The village, while not required to test the creek, does so quarterly when they test the village offices and the Old town Hall. If levels are found to be higher than 299, then the creek is retested every two weeks until levels are satisfactory again.
On July 16, five points along the creek were tested for E-Coli levels, Narrin Park (1,986), near the Old Mill (1,300), near A&W (2,420), at Granger (649) and at the Mill Drain on Church Street (1,986). Since then the creek has been tested every two weeks and has seen drops in levels at all points. The A&W section dropped below 299 around Sept. 3, and all other points were tested on September 18 with results of Narrin Park (461), Old Mill (387), Granger (326), and Mill Drain (345).
“I’m not sure if it’s their (Oakland County) responsibility or ours to fix those levels,” said Stuart. “I’m investigating it, if there’s anything the village can do.”
All Kearsley Creek E-Coli tests are available on the village website at