Kearsley Creek stocked and ready for trout opener

Brandon Twp.-It’s been more than 30 years since John Lundy was introduced to fishing Kearsley Creek.
‘He pointed to a deep hole in the river and that’s where I caught a nice16-inch brown trout,? said Lundy, 54, referring to fishing with his father-in-law Nelson Wolfe.
On April 30 Lundy will join thousands of Michigan anglers for the opening day of trout season.
‘If the conditions are right I still have no problem catching fish. In the earlier years the creek was far more accessable to fishing’today much of it is now private property.?
Lundy says that from Sherman Park in Ortonville to culverts under roads to the ‘high banks? in the upper sections of the creek are prime areas to fish.
‘With a good rain and higher water the trout move around,? says Lundy, L’Anse, Mich. native. ‘Trout have a tendency to migrate, so just be patient.?
While not really specific on the best fishing spots, Lundy prefers staying simple with regard to tackle. Small hooks, light line and worms work the best, says Lundy.
‘Right now, with the warmer spring weather the fishing on opening day should be fantastic,? said Todd Grischke, Supervisor of Regulatory Affairs with the Michigan Fisheries Division.
‘We’ve got some fly hatches that normally not seen until late May or June. With a lack of rain, rivers and streams are down and fish tend to be constricted to the deeper water level’it’s easier for anglers.?
Grischke added that in 2004 Kearlsy Creek was stocked with 1,000 brown trout about 8 inches long at Henderson and Kipp roads in southern Genesee County.
‘Many of the trout will be nice ‘keeper size this year,?? said Grischke.