Letter to the editor Jan. 12

I hope she’s a brawler
Dear Editor,
Here’s a bit of the letter I sent to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House:
I suggested she not criticize Representative Rashida Tlaib, newly elected to Michigan’s 13 District. Ms. Tlaib made headlines before the sun set on her first day in office. Not because she admitted she intends to impeach President Trump, but because she described him as, well, a person who has an improper relationship with his mother.
This is not language we use at home, except for the time Terry dropped an anvil on his toe.
When I saw the video of Representative Tlaib’s exuberant laughing remark, I could not help but admire her enthusiasm, her spontaneity, her boldness.
I told Ms. Pelosi she should embrace the vitality, the fresh energy of these new members of Congress. The time for the prissy clutching of our pearls, tsk tsking at vulgar remarks, has passed in the face of the language and behavior of the current occupant of the Oval Office.
I hope Speaker Pelosi reads my letter. I hope Representative Tlaib stays alive and coarse and strong and cunning, (courtesy of Carl Sandberg). I hope she is a brawler. I hope she succeeds.
Bonnie Beltramo