Letters to the editor: April 1, 2017

Impeachment next

(In response to: ‘You may change your mind,’ a letter by Paul Lucas, The Citizen, March 25, page 6)

Dear Editor,

I stand corrected on the accusation of where wire tapping was supposedly committed.

First of all, there was no wire tapping done at the White House or Trump tower. The FBI investigation found no proof of such. Obama did not order wire tapping at any location and no wire tapping happened.

Put another check mark under Trump’s lying column. I just can’t wait for the impeachment process to begin, and it’s getting closer every day.

Sylvia Runyon

Proposed federal budget

Dear Editor,

Whether or not President Trump’s proposed federal budget is expected to survive in anything like its current form presented early last week, one thing is clear. It exposes this administration’s true priorities.

The safety net meticulously woven for our most vulnerable populations, with bipartisan consensus over decades, would be shredded. Community Development Block Grants and energy assistance programs for the poor would go away, as would many EPA programs that benefit Michigan.

The State of Michigan would be in deep peril. Funding to clean up and restore the Great Lakes would be completely eliminated, threatening both Michigan’s water quality and, from a business standpoint, our “Pure Michigan” image. On top of that, we can forget about infrastructure improvement, as funding for the Army Corps of Engineers would be severely cut.

Massive cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency would also remove programs such as those to make homes more energy-efficient, and cars more fuel efficient. Any funding related to addressing the causes of climate change would disappear.

Our quality of life would suffer as well, with funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for Humanities eliminated.

Where will all that money go? Why, to the Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security, of course, as our country descends into further isolationism and starts to look more and more like a country gearing up for war.

With some possible exceptions, I doubt if this is what voters had in mind when Trump was voted into office last November. Even if only part of this budget survives congressional scrutiny, it gives us a pretty clear picture of where this administration would like to take us.


Lois Robbins

Disappointed in village

Dear Editor,

I attended the Village of Ortonville village council’s regular meeting on March 27, 2017. One of the items on the agenda was the public hearing for the Michigan Natural Resources grant application. This grant application was to obtain funds to potentially purchase the “red barn,” located on Church Street, and a land parcel from Brandon School District, which is adjacent to the current land owned by the village, in a very nearby location to the red barn. One of the long term plans is to develop a closed loop, non-motorized nature path on the property just off Church Street, across from the post office. I personally am a huge supporter of walking trails, developed green spaces, bike trails, and recreational opportunities for our community. I sat back and listened to all viewpoints and learned a lot. The demeanor and conduct of the village council was commendable. The residents who spoke during the “public comments” section were also respectful and conducted themselves very well.

However, there were several comments made by three individuals that made me stop and think twice if I had heard it correctly. These three individuals were not supporters of the closed loop trail on the site proposed because it came too close to the playground side of the elementary school property. However, they went on to imply that the proximity of the group homes in the downtown area and access to this nature trail by the residents could potentially cause a crime/safety problem. WHAT??? And this was not just implied by one person, but three people essentially voiced the same concern. (And one of those was a public official) I have lived in this community for 20 years. Have I missed something about the operation and safety of the group homes in our community? I read the crime section of The Citizen every week. I don’t recall issues with group home residents. It was sad to hear such prejudicial language, and frankly, quite disappointing. I realize this is a small town, but is doesn’t mean we have to have small minds.


Kathleen Russell

Look in the mirror

Dear Editor,

The USA, in its own perceived best interest, has involved itself in interference in the functions of many governments. We interfered in the recent Israeli election against our friend Netanyahu. In 1963 Kennedy approved the overthrow and the friendly government in South Viet Nam.

We have participated in, or supported the efforts to overthrow governments in Libya, Iraq, Panama, the elected government in Ukraine, Cuba, Egypt and several other countries.

Through Radio Free Europe we encouraged the overthrow of Eastern European governments and eventually, in 1956, the Hungarian people rose up against the Communist regime and were slaughtered because we failed to support them.

Reagan successfully destroyed the Soviet Union from within and destroyed the Warsaw Pact nations.

Yes indeed,we have involved ourselves in governments throughout the world.

Now, based on information from our intelligence agencies, we are accusing Russia of attempting to interfere in our election by telling the truth about corruption in the Democratic Party. These are the same agencies that told Bush 41 that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and ignored the warning from Russia about the Boston bombers. Russia’s involvement, if any, is minor compared to our own.

Let’s look in the mirror before accusing other nations of interfering in our elections!

Walt Dilber