Letters to the editor April 6

(In response to, Village savings top $7K with LED bulbs, The Citizen, March 30, 2019, page 4).
Thanks to Dylus
Dear Editor,
Many thanks to previous Village Councilman Keith Dylus who was instrumental in initiating the transition to LED lighting for the Village owned buildings and street lighting. Mr. Dylus was active for months, reviewing rebates from DTE, and passionately researching resources for the upgrade in lighting that would impact not only a cost savings of over $7K for the Village, but also an environmentally friendly change for our community. Thank you Keith, for your input in assisting to improve our community.
Tonja Brice
Village President
Grateful for community
Dear Editor,
Thank you, Ortonville, Brandon, Groveland and Atlas, Bueche’s customers!
On March 17th, the Hillside youth group met probably more than 100 customers coming in and out of Bueche’s. Students and leaders from the church shared their upcoming missions trip: God willing, they are headed to West Virginia, hoping to serve others out of the love they have received in Jesus Christ.
Part of their service will be through construction projects. Those going need to raise $2,700 toward building materials for folks who could use a hand. They received many questions, encouragements, blessings, good wishes and offers of prayer, as well as donations totaling just over $800. We are grateful for our community and the ways we step up and care for each other. We are here for you and will continue to look for ways to care—both locally and wherever we are able. We hope to share the results of your support in July when we return.
A special thanks to Bueche’s—we appreciate all the store and its staff does for our community.
From the Hillside Bible Church Momentum Youth Group Leaders and students.
Pastor Cliff Powell

(In response to, “Options for open swim considered by board,” The Citizen, March 16, page 4)
Dear Editor,
I’m 89 years old. I have Parkinson’s Disease. Swimming is an important part of my regimen for managing my symptoms. Like most Parkinson’s patients, and possibly most older people in general, my mornings are slow.
For at least 15 years, I swam for a half an hour, three days a week, at the Brandon High School pool. Since Aqua took over management of our pool, I swim there rarely, and only on Saturday, when the pool stays open till noon. On weekdays the pool closes at 10:30 am. Getting in the pool by 9:30 am is just not going to happen for me (and others?).
To maintain my exercise regimen, since Aqua has been managing the Brandon pool, I drive a half-hour to Waterford Kettering’s pool 2-3 days a week. They stay open till noon, – all day, in fact, if you want to pay a little extra after noon. The Kettering pool is clean, bright, and well-managed. In addition to their larger pool for lap-swim, they have a smaller pool that is kept at around 85degrees, for families, classes, and water therapy. It has private showers. The fixtures are all functional and not corroded. They have water extractors for wet post-swim suits. Their hair dryers work. The lanes for lap-swimming at Kettering are probably twice the width of the ones at Brandon. At Brandon, I sometimes have to share a lane with another swimmer, due to overcrowding.
At Kettering, as a Waterford non-resident, I pay $2.75 per swim (before noon). That’s $.25 less than It costs me per swim at the Brandon pool, where, as a Brandon resident, I pay $3 per swim, not to mention that I’m still paying, in my Brandon property taxes, for the bond that was issued to pay for a community pool that I now can use only one day a week.
Just sayin.’
Lois B. Robbins