Letters to the editor: April 8, 2017

Enbridge issues

(In response to: ‘Pipeline property restoration draws ire of residents,’ The Citizen, April 1, page 9)

Dear Editor,

Mr. Rummel’s problems with restoration after the Enbridge pipeline project, it compelled me to write and let others know there are more issues with post-construction restoration.

Over four years after the Enbridge oil pipeline construction project, I continue to have restoration issues with my front lawn where the new pipeline is. Enbridge had to bring in additional soil to bring the grade up to where it needed to be, and the dirt is very poor quality. After numerous on-site meetings with various Enbridge personnel over the years, and several applications of fertilizer and limited attempts at reseeding by Enbridge, the grass grows with bare patches, does not grow nearly as quickly as the surrounding lawn and goes dormant in the summer.

After my latest on site meeting last year with yet another Enbridge crew who had hardhats, dark sunglasses and were less than friendly, they agreed to conduct soil analysis, but not before accusing us of poisoning the lawn.

Brandon Township Supervisor Kathy Thurman has been more than helpful and asked HRC Engineering Consultants to be involved, who was present at this and other meetings. The video of the sampling of the soil clearly showed an incorrect sampling method, which I verified with MSU. Enbridge refused to even acknowledge this, rather insisting that it was done correctly and that there is nothing wrong with the soil. Consultations with legal representation has not been positive due to the difficulty in litigating against a large company as Enbridge.

I hope that if there are others with Enbridge issues, they would communicate their problems as I’m doing and maybe we can get resolution together.

Andrew Siring


(In response to: ‘Not so happy trails: Village concil opts out of grant,’ The Citizen, April 1, page 1)

Dear Editor,

I am seriously shocked at the negative feedback regarding something as wholesome as a bicycle trail. What is even more short-sighted is that this is part of the Iron Belle Trail, which is a very big deal and will not only garner attention in the state, but nationally and internationally as well! Might as well vote down any public space, playgrounds, parks, etc. because some bad eggs occasionally loiter there.

If there is a cheaper way to glorify our beloved little town, and it being low hanging fruit for us to just grab, I’d love to hear it.

Matt Davis

Natural attractions hostility

(In response to: ‘Not so happy trails: Village concil opts out of grant,’ The Citizen, April 1, page 1)

Dear Editor,

This is so typical of some of the short-sighted decisions made in this area. It’s a bike and walking path! This same thing draws people from miles around to visit Lake Orion and Rochester for the Paint Creek Trail. As the village had more and more empty storefronts people will complain about “big box stores” when in reality it’s a hostility towards organic, natural attractions like this that are killing “mom and pop” stores.

W.W. Kuma

Democratic left conspiracy

(In response to: ‘Look in the mirror,’ a letter by Walt Dilber, The Citizen, April 1, page 6)

Dear Editor,

Dilber’s letter was directly on point!

When I heard that we were going to hold a massive investigation into the alleged Russian meddling I just shook my head. How could we be so petty and arrogant when we, ourselves, are guilty of the very same thing as pointed out by Mr. Dilber.

I have heard and read numerous reports that stated that the first thing a hacker would do is leave a false trail for someone to follow and our own intelligence agencies verified that even they were not 100 percent positive that Russia did anything at all, only that the trail pointed towards Russia. So, if I’m the hacker then I throw the breadcrumbs towards Russia, lean back and smile. How stupid can we be.

At the most the DNC got hacked (due to their own incompetence ala H. Clinton) and a bunch of their dirty laundry was exposed. Too bad…now we know just how lying and hypocritical the DNC is/was.

In my opinion this whole Russian conspiracy thing is nothing more than the Democratic left still looking for someone to blame (besides themselves) for their losses last November. The plain fact of the matter is that the AMERICAN PEOPLE got fed up with your left-wing , socialist P.C and used the power of the ballot box to smack you one right in the nose. Hurrah for our side!

Paul S. Lucas

Negative light on public official

Dear Editor,

I have served in the employment of a government entity, in one form or another, for a total of 42 years. During those 42 years of service, I have always been keenly aware that I was the “face of government” to those with whom I encountered and dealt.

As that first line representative of government, I have also been aware that the displeasure of the public was frequently directed to me as being the most readily apparent and accessible representative of their government and as such, the target of their complaints and dissatisfaction. Call me old school, but I believe that those people who I have served in any of my public employment capacities, including that of township trustee, have a right to voice their opinions, thoughts, ideas and dissatisfaction without receiving in return, vile, disgusting and inappropriately childish name-calling.

I am taking the opportunity to address this position for two reasons. First, I want to personally distance myself from the inappropriate exchanges I have been reading in The Citizen newspaper for the past several weeks in the letters to the editor. Secondly, I would hope that by confronting these retaliatory letters, made in a public forum, that they will cease immediately as they not only shine a negative light on the public official involved in the exchange, but may, I believe, also reflect poorly on the entire township board if this exchange is not publicly addressed, confronted, and condemned.

My commitment to serving the community is evidenced in the fact that I returned to public service as a trustee of this community after having retired from an entire career in public service. I would like to assure the residents of Brandon Township that their ideas, complaints and concerns will always be met by me in a respectful, thoughtful and concerned manner.

Robert S. Marshall

Brandon Township trustee


(In response to: ‘You may change your mind,’ a letter by Paul Lucas, The Citizen, March 25, page 6)

Dear Editor,

My thanks to Mr. Lucas for mansplaining the finer points of wiretapping Trump Tower versus the White House to my friend Sylvia. Perhaps his next smarmy explanation could define the difference between the CEO of Dollar Tree Howard Levine, to whom Mr. Lucas refers as his source of information, and the talk show host Mark Levine. Did the businessman supply the info you cite in your letter as persuasive? Or did Mark, the radio talk show host, present what passes for facts today? Which one supplied the info that you cite in your letter that might “change your mind” about the veracity of Trump’s erratic, irresponsible and untruthful Tweets?

So glad that Mr. Lucas holds Ortonville grandmas to a higher standard of speech than he holds the President of the United States.

Bonnie Beltramo

Together we can have an impact

(In response to: ‘Pipeline property restoration draws ire of residents,’ The Citizen, April 1, page 9)

Dear Editor,

For the past three years, I have been talking to and meeting with Enbridge personnel concerning the flooding of my property after the new pipeline was installed in 2013. Before construction I was able to drive around the pond which the pipeline goes through, and cut the grass. After construction, the water table changed and now water is coming out of the ground on my neighbor’s property, flows onto my property and spills into my pond. There is standing water all the time and therefore I can’t walk or drive through this area any longer. I have had many discussions and meetings with Enbridge. Last year they agreed to address it. It consisted of an attempt at regrading my neighbors property. It did nothing and afterward they said the issue has been corrected. At a followup on-site meeting with their rep, he restated the problem has been corrected, as he stood in the flooded area. It’s very difficult to deal with Enbridge. They refuse to address and now acknowledge the problem they created and a homeowner like me has little recourse. Please if anyone else is having problems, let others know! Perhaps together we can have an impact. I can only imagine how Enbridge would treat landowners if the aging pipeline running next to the Mackinac Bridge ruptured.

Ed Siring