Letters to the Editor Aug. 29, 2020

(In response to, “Downtown septic system upgrades proposed,” The Citizen, Aug. 22, page 1)
Septic system update
Dear Editor,
The Kratt Family would like to thank The Citizen for your article emphasizing our dedication to Downtown Ortonville along with the DDA for their assistance in building renovations and engagement . After seeing the overwhelming support for our septic project we have decided to provide our community an update to emphasize the intricacies of the system and importance of supportive community leaders in place.
After meeting with Keift Engineering, it has come to our attention we will need the Village Council to not only get the new village storm water re-routed so it will meet the necessary 25 feet setback from the edge of our system but, we also need them to get the job going as soon as possible as this has been dragging on for years. Our septic system currently has been overworked with no place for our water to go because the village stormwater system has not been functioning properly. From our understanding, the stormwater system has been taxing other systems in the village including a recently installed system.
We have come to this point in our improvements and are now asking for the Village Council and the residents to stand behind us. Recently, we offered to purchased adjoining vacant property to accommodate the more than 3,000 square foot septic system. Since the property purchase was unsuccessful, we are now eyeing a section directly behind Papa Bella’s Pizza. By putting the system here we will need to meet the setback requirement of the new drain by being at least 25 feet from the drain pipe. The Village Council is currently looking to re-route the drain, but not far enough to accommodate a system of this size.
This new system will accommodate of at least 8 buildings in the downtown area which is a significant step in the right direction for our community. We are hoping for the support of leaders in the community to achieve this.
With the November election nearing, we are asking the citizens to pay attention to the septic project as we are ready to move on this right away.
Thank you!
Jeremy Kratt and family
Thank you residents
Dear Editor,
Groveland Township Residents, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the residents for approving the fire millage renewal by 73% of the voters. If it had not passed, we would not have any fire or EMS service. This would have been unworkable.
With the reduced township taxes approved in 2019 and the second reduction now for 2020, Groveland Township has the LOWEST TWP taxes in our history on the taxes we control. Our township taxes are 62% less than Brandon, 40% less than Springfield, and 20% less than Holly. These results are due to a consistent team approach to cost control with a small staff of dedicated personnel.
Going forward we are in the best shape we have ever been.
We have more money in the township infrastructure fund than ever.
Our roads are the best in our history.
We have accomplished all this and preserved our “up-north” quality of life.
For the balance of 2020 and into 2021 there are three major projects. We will be paving Barron Rd to eliminate the 15’ blind hill, developing the township property on Grange Hall at I-75 exit 101 to create revenue and support the township’s future needs, and moving the Dixie Hwy Fire Station next to the MABAS building.  

The new location will provide the needed additional bays and improve energy costs while providing a new station for our fire, EMS and our MSP detachment (at no cost to the township).
As always, if you have questions please call the township office at 248-634-4152. A video about these projects, the overlay district, and the Dixie Byway is available on the township’s website, www.grovelandtownship.net, FaceBook and YouTube page at Groveland Twp.
Robert DePalma, supervisor
Dear Editor,
The past Ortonville Village Council Meeting had so many changes to the agenda that the public could no longer follow along with items being discussed. This happens at EVERY council meeting.
I heard the word “transparency” mentioned numerous times by council members during the meeting. Yet, the public receives an agenda that does not come close to resembling the meeting and lacks back up information to review. This is definitely lack of transparency in my opinion. It took 45 minutes to discuss the approval of past “meeting minutes” alone. Then the council wasted time by beating up on each other and disagreeing for an additional 2+ hours. The council voted to end the meeting shortly after 10:00 p.m. before discussing half of the original agenda items because so many “new” items were added at the last minute.
It is my hope, and request as a taxpayer, that the council will not call a “Special Meeting” charging additional meeting pay and attorney expenses to finish agenda items. However, it is only Wednesday….I know what I would bet on.WE CAN DO BETTER
Melanie Nivelt, Candidate for Village Trustee, Planning Commissioner and Past Council Member
(In response to Cannibalism, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Aug. 22 page 7)
For what it is
Dear Editor,
Bonnie, we do have a choice to read what is published under your name and sometimes I do and sometimes I respond, as I have in the past.
Just like you, Mary Trump is entitled to her opinion and that is the beauty of our First Amendment rights. That does not mean what she says is true. You continue to jump on any anti- President Trump bandwagon without even fact checking or researching the garbage you spew in your commentary. That within itself should be noted.
I could go toe-to-toe with you on any political position and use pure facts to either prove your opinions wrong or at a minimum bring them to neutral ground. I will start with one of my opinions and I can support this on factual data. I could continue with Barack Hussain Obama autobiography “Dreams From My Father” and compare what is written in his book to Mary Trumps book. One big difference is Obama was President and the most corrupt one in history. Yes I can support that statement with facts as well and will have even more facts once the Durham Probe and fast approaching Barr indictments.
So Bonnie, what do you say we get past your anecdotal fantasy land and get down to brass tacks try and see the situation for what it is, not what you create in your head David Saroli
(In response to Cannibalism, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Aug. 22 page 7)
Dear Editor,
I’m appalled at the depths you would sink to attack our President. You quote his sister in a recently published book (authored by said sister’s daughter) of facts that are well known to be completely false and unfounded. They are so false that established papers have refused to reprint the allegations knowing they are by their very nature false and unfounded. But heh, let’s not let facts get in the way when you’ve got an axe to grind and rumors to spread. In my opinion your reports are nonsense. Who would lower themselves to such a level? Clean up your act Beltramo, we deserve better than your rhetoric.
Thank you, Paul S. Lucas

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