Letters to the Editor Aug. 8, 2020

(In response to, “Rep. Slotkin seeking second term,” The Citizen, July 25, page 9)
A healthy press
Dear Editor,
David Fleet’s article on Rep. Elissa Slotkin was an exemplary piece of responsible journalism.
Fleet focused on the substance of Rep. Slotkin’s service, probing into facts that can be checked and substantiated, rather than allowing an office-holder to spout tired slogans intended only to rally supporters.
Articles such as Fleet’s have far greater significance to citizens and voters than the increasingly common pieces—in the news columns as well as in the letters-to-the- editor section— that are rife with divisive labels and trite catch phrases.
Fleet’s article reminds us that Slotkin was anything but a doctrinaire candidate when she emerged as a political novice in 2018. She was a heavy underdog who vowed that she would work hard and would represent all the constituents of the 8th Congressional District. As a long-time public servant in the Bush and Obama administrations, she put top priority on living up to her oath of office and to performing her constitutional duties. Not least, she promised always to put country before party.
Any reasonable evaluation of her tenure would confirm that is exactly what she has done. As her Congressional colleagues—Republican and Democratic alike—have attested, no representative works harder and none has done a better job of working across the aisle to accomplish legislation in the best interests of her district and the nation’s needs.
Rep. Slotkin was an unconventional candidate who has lived up to her commitment and become a highly productive and effective representative for her constituents.
Critical examinations and interviews like David Fleet’s with our elected officials at all governmental levels are exactly why a healthy press is so important in America.
Bill Haney
Brandon Township

Dear Editor,
Now that my campaign for Atlas Township Clerk has come to an end, I would like to take a moment to say thank you!
Thank you to my family for your unfailing support! Thank you to all that called, emailed and text me to share your thoughts, ideas, and encouragement! Thank you to those who let me put signs in your yards and in front of your businesses! I have learned so much and reconnected with so many people. I am truly grateful for all your support! You have shown me just how wonderful our community truly is!
I send my congratulations to Katie Vick on her hard-won victory and wish her great success in the coming 4 years.
Angela Grogan

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