Letters to the editor August 25

Primary election
Dear Editor,
The 2018 Primary Election was busier than anticipated in Brandon Township. I want to thank the election inspectors, maintenance staff, cerk’s office staff, school administrators, maintenance and custodian staff at both Oakwood Elementary and Brandon High School for their hard work and dedication to allow voters their right to cast their vote on August 7th.
It goes without saying that it takes many hands to make any election day a success. Using the Brandon High School gymnasium had it’s hardships but moving into the new location was a plus with a larger parking lot.
The general election to be held on Tuesday, November 6th will have a new location for Precinct #1 and Precinct #2.
With permission from the Brandon High School Principal, we will have use of the BHS Cafeteria. The move will be closerto parking and no hill to climb.
New voter identification cards will be mailed in September with the new location stated and there will more signs placed on M-15 and down the driveway to direct all voters.
Several new election inspectors were hired for the primary election and we are looking to hire more people for the upcoming general election. Please find an application on the Brandon Township website, if you are interested in working elections or call the Clerk’s office at 248-627-2851 for more information.
Once again, thank you everyone involved with the August 7th election.
Candee Allen,
Brandon Township Clerk
Lake Louise SAD  administrative fee
(In response to, “Lake residnts seek a ‘reasonable fee’ from board,” The Citizen, Aug. 18, page 3)
Dear Editor,
A request by the Lake Louise Homeowners Association (LLHA) to review and adjust the Special Assessment District (SAD) “administrative fee” to a reasonable amount was presented to the Brandon Township Board. We appreciate the Board listening to our presentation and postponing the adoption of the proposed 7 percent administrative fee on the long-established SAD.
To clarify, the LLHA supports a “reasonable fee” for services rendered provided that the fee would be comparable with the amount that adjacent townships charge for these services. As presented at the board meeting, two adjacent townships, performing similar tasks, complete the SAD duties for a flat fee of less than $7.60 per parcel. Brandon Township, applying the 7 percent administrative fee, would be charging $36.71 per parcel. This equates to roughly 5 times that of the adjacent townships. Currently, Brandon Township renders fiduciary services for the LLHA while the Lake Board alleviates many of the SAD requirements. Adjacent townships report SAD administrative duties account for an additional 20 hours of annual work. Brandon Township affirms over 100 hours are being spent to perform these same duties.
While this issue may appear to focus only on Lake Louise homeowners, the current 7 percent administrative fee has been assigned to all special assessment districts within the Township, regardless of the workload required. Adjacent townships have instituted a multi-tier system to establish reasonable fees for actual services rendered.
The Lake Louise Homeowners Association looks forward to further discussions on implementing a reasonable administrative fee, as stated in the State of Michigan, Public Improvements Act 188 of 1954.
Dwight Woodbridge
President – Lake Louise Homeowner’s Association
Thanks Gordon
Dear Editor,
Our newly established Friendship Path, in the Village of Goodrich, has benefited from the building skills of Goodrich High School senior, Gordon Brown. Gordon, as part of his Eagle Project for Troop 340, built 20 bird houses and installed them throughout the park. His initiative will help protect and foster wildlife in the wooded nature preserve, located along Kearsley Creek. As I am part of a family with three generations of Eagle Scouts, I personally would like to thank Gordon. The amount of time and values learned from working towards rank of an Eagle Scout are truly something to be respected. Several of the badges a Boy Scout can earn on the way to making Eagle, reference citizenship. Citizenship in the Community is one such badge. It makes me very proud to be part of such a great community here in the village, as I know others donated their time and/or materials, too. Gordon taught us a few things about why certain birds like different styles of houses when he first presented his ideas to the Parks and Rec Committee. We watched his vision grow and he surpassed our expectations! Thank you Gordon!
Wendy Ciaramitaro
Chair, Village of Goodrich Parks and Recreation Committee
Village voice lost
Dear Editor,
After the whole chicken ordinance village concerns, I have stepped away from local politics due to the negativity. But yet another, incomprehensible decision by the Ortonville Village Council to NOT renew the position of Melanie Nivelt as a member of the Planning Commission has been brought to my attention by residents.
Melanie has consistently been actively involved in the community, often spending her personal time on issues she feels passionate about, in a fair way. As a member of the Planning Commission working on the chicken ordinance, she diligently researched, studying both sides of the issues, and decided to support residents to own chickens in the Village. She stuck her head out by passionately speaking up for the voices of the residents, and maybe that made members of the Village Council uncomfortable to be challenged. I wish that all members of the Village Council would take the time to educate themselves on the wants and needs of our Village, like Melanie does, without a personal agenda. I am disappointed that the residents of Ortonville lost a representative of our voice!
Brenda Timmermans
Witch hunt
Dear Editor,
This letter is concerning Donald Trump’s search in his “witch hunt.”
I have a clue to give him, that will end his search.
No. 1: Make sure your hair piece is in place if that is possible.
No. 2: Walk up to a mirror.
No. 3: Look in mirror. O.M.G there, right there in front of you, you’ll find the witch.
No. 4: You must be so relived. Your witch hunt is over.

Sylvia Runyon