Letters to the Editor Dec. 12, 2020

Thank you Wojos
Dear Editor,
The Ortonville Department of Public works along with The Citizen newspaper express their appreciation to Wojo’s Greenhouse, 2570 Oakwood Road, Brandon Township for their donation of seasonal planters in the Village of Ortonville.
Your generosity to the community and those that live and work here is truly a blessing. Thank you
Robert Hauxwell, Village DPW supervisor and David Fleet, The Citizen newspaper editor.

Stay current
Dear Editor,
There are multiple ways to stay current with our local
Village government activities that impact you. ‘Documents on Demand’ provides current and prior agendas and minutes for the Village Council, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals at ortonvillevillagemi.documents-on-demand.com. You can request email alerts when new documents have been added. If you want more details, OTV provides meeting videos on their cable station and on Youtube, search Village of Ortonville Council Meeting. The
Village website has additional information at ortonvillevillage.com. The best way to be updated and involved is attending a meeting on the fourth Monday of each month, 7 p.m. I hope to see you there!
Warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, family and friends. I hope that during this time of hustle and bustle, we all take the time to enjoy festive decorations, the Village Christmas tree on the corner, unique local shops to finish our shopping lists, and the traditional luminaries downtown on Christmas Eve. Enjoy time with those close to you, meet new people, and check on those who are alone this season. May 2021 keep our community safe and healthy! Tonja Brice
Ortonville Village President
Electoral college
Dear Editor
The debate has started again as to whether the US Constitution should be amended in order to change the presidential election process. Some promote eliminating the Electoral College in favor of a direct popular vote for president while others believe the Electoral College should remain unchanged. Just as compromise solved the initial problems of the framers so it is that compromise can solve this problem. The solution is to change the electoral votes to electoral points and reward each candidate a percentage of points based on the percentage of popular votes received in each state.
This would eliminate the “winner take all” system thus allowing for all the votes to count. A voter is more apt to believe their vote counted when a percentage of popular votes are taken into account rather than the “all or nothing” system currently in existence. Further, this new system would integrate the desire for a popular vote for president with the need for the individual states to determine who actually gets elected.
For 2020 multiplying the percentage of votes each candidate received
{in each state} times the number of electoral votes {in each state} results in the following: Biden 267.23 and Trump 252.33. Multiplying the percentage of popular votes each candidate received {nationwide} times the total number of electoral votes {538} results in the following: Biden 274.92 and Trump 253.40. Joe Bialek

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