Letters to the Editor Dec. 16

Thank you community
Dear Editor,
The Goodrich/Atlas Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the participants of this year’s “Downtown Goodrich Christmas Celebration” The support of the Village of Goodrich, the Goodrich Volunteers and Goodrich Lions was greatly appreciated. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts added much to the festivities. Tree Top Farms generously gave wagon rides. Santa, as always, brought many smiles. Goodrich High School brass ensemble & DJ Bill Young brought holiday sounds to the street. Pastor Jon from Lakeview Community Church and Pastor Joel with the Goodrich Methodist Choir were a big part explaining the ‘reason for this season’. May the Peace Light that was brought from Bethlehem and shared by the boy scouts shine in all our lives in the coming year.
Patty Plant

Research letters
Dear Editor,
I have read the letters citizens have written to you regarding politics and the letters confuse me. They both blame the other party with rude names and incorrect remarks as to our government. I wish they would give us facts and do some research, such as which party tried to decrease the national debt and why it has gone so bad.
I researched who tried to decrease the national debt and located Clinton and Eisenhower. Regarding the huge increase in it was war. I have not been able to locate the facts as to why we were at war and who is to blame, nor have I found any complete research as to just what the true cost of health care is.
As to health care, why did it become a need for government personnel if it is not needed by the population?
What is the truth about the unemployment rate? The numbers are down. However, I see many people working 2 or more part-time jobs, some a full-time one and a part-time. How does this affect the numbers?
Please write the facts and try to solve the problems not insult and belittle.
Thank you,
Ilona Yates

I remain informed
(In response to Looking like a sucker, a letter by Paul Lucas, The Citizen, Dec. 2, page 6)
Dear Editor,
I beg your pardon Mr. Lucas but according to congressional budget office, the Trump-Ryan tax guys will add almost a half trillion to the national debt. So much for Fiscal Hawks.
In 2008, the banks and auto companies collapsed. The republicans said ‘Let them fail.’ Thanks to Obama and the democrats, they bailed out the banks and saved thousands of auto industry jobs and related companies.
Thanks to Obama we now have a strong economy and auto industy. Enjoy your crow pie.
I remain informed,
Dale Bond

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  1. Bonnie Beltramo   December 15, 2017 at 6:09 am

    How encouraging Ms. Yates letter is. An informed electorate is essential to a functioning democracy.


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