Letters to the editor Dec. 22

Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
On behalf of our whole team, The Ortonville Sewing Club: Arlene, Lisa, Jull, Lin, Deb, Helen, Sharon, Kathy, Chris, Priscilla, Elaine, Janet and I, THANK YOU ORTONVILLE!!!!!
We have been so blessed by this wonderful community with support for our mission. We had several fundraisers to raise money to buy supplies and postage for the Desert Angels packing parties throughout the year that sends packages to our deployed military.
We made 300 Christmas stockings that were sent out filled with donated Halloween candy from Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the students of Oxford Schools, friends and local businesses. In addition, we have made and delivered quilts, walker bags and catheter bag covers to the VA hospitals in Detroit and Ann Arbor.
All this would not be possible if not for your generous donations of fabric and supplies from you. In addition, we would like to thank the Edna Burton Senior Center for putting up with us every week and especially the Bueche family for their donations and allowing us to take over their lobby for our fundraisers!!!!
Merry Christmas and a very blessed and happy New Year!!
God bless our troops
Mary Ann Fry

Goodrich Downtown Christmas
Dear Editor,
The Goodrich/Atlas Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the participants of this year’s Goodrich’s Downtown Christmas celebration.
The support of the Village of Goodrich, the Goodrich Lions Club, and the Goodrich Volunteers was greatly appreciated. Both the Boy & Girl Scouts along with the Goodrich High School Jazz band added to the festivities. Top Hill tree farm generously gave wagon rides and DJ, Bill Young, brought music to the air. Barry Bass shared a warm building on a cold night as Pastor Jon shared the reason for this season. The Goodrich United Methodist church choir lead carols at the tree and The Genesee Reserve patrol kept the streets safe. And, of course, Santa brought smiles to many.
Thanks, Patty Plant

Deep Divisions
(In response to, New world order, a letter by Walt Dilber, The Citizen, Dec. 15, page 7)
Dear Editor,
Thank you for publishing Walt Dilber’s excellent letter in the Dec.15 issue entitled; “The New World Order.” He summarized in a few paragraphs the history that has brought our nation to such deep divisions between Globalists and Nationalists. Great job!
Bill Merrell

Guess my vote
didn’t count
Dear Editor,
Once again, some of the Ortonville Village Council board members have acted in their own self-interest.
When board member Karen Sleva resigned, four board members voted to appoint Coleen Skornicka to fill that vacancy. The voters spoke in November and chose not to elect Skornicka for president. Now why does the board feel justified to appoint Coleen without looking for anyone else that may be interested? What about Ana Cole who in November ran for a trustee position and had 213 votes? Something just does not seem right, the person some of these same members backed for president is now on the board and no one else was considered.
I voted for Ana Cole for an Ortonville village council member no Coleen Skornicka. Guess my vote didn’t count. Along with 212 other village residents.
Luann Mann
Grateful for community
Dear Editor,
As we approach our most blessed of holiday seasons, we are so grateful to have family, friends and freedom. This community of Brandon and Groveland townships and the Village of Ortonville are so fortunate to have a fine veteran’s organization as VFW post 582. They are, and will always be, dedicated to service, for veterans and this community.
This community has many organizations that perform so many services, we are so lucky to have them. Along with those organizations, is The Citizen newspaper. Dave Fleet along with his staff brings you the news, events, and covers many of the activities of this community. I want to thank you for being such a great newspaper.
Duane F. Gretzmeyer