Letters to the Editor Dec. 7, 2019

(In response to, “Village council can’t agree on park future,” The Citizen, Nov. 30, page 5)
Vote for Knowledge
Dear Editor,
I don’t see why the park is named Ortonville Wildlife Preservation Park, when it does not qualify for that title. We do not meet the requirements or have any of the first steps done to be a preservation park.The title and the last introduced ordinance were done without any research. If Trustee Eschmann had done his homework, he would have found the Villlage Ordinances on the Village website. Acknowledging and enforcing the ordinance on the books would take care of the infringements Eschmann has complained about, including the use of the park for hunting.
At the October meeting, there were 14 people who spoke in favor of walking paths and 1 who spoke in favor of leaving the park alone. In his remarks, Eschmann referred to the residents who attended as being only a 1% representation of the community. The Village paid for a survey that shows over 62% of the village residents are in favor of trails, and over 67% of the township residents are in favor of trails. That’s a majority. Trustee Eschmann where is the data to support your statement?
There were great ideas brought to motion at the November meeting that would have helped our community move forward with knowledge and help from the professionals. Both motions failed with tie votes. Brice, Hayden and George were in favor and Eschmann, Butzu and Skornicka voted againist gaining knowledge. Robinson was absent, but in the past he voted for the new restrictive ordinance that was tabled in October.
Please speak to our council members and urge them to vote in the future for KNOWLEDGE!
Pam DeLandsheer
Everyone’s opinion matters
Dear Editor,
Dec. 16 is the next Ortonville Village Council meeting. The issue of what to do with the 47 acres donated to the village is still on the agenda under Unfinished Business. Citizens are still able to voice their opinion on the park development during citizen’s comments on agenda items.
Everyone’s opinion matters and you do not need to live in the village to speak on this.
Luann Mann

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