Letters to the editor Feb. 16

O.A.T.S. Volunteer of the Year
Dear Editor,
O.A.T.S. would like to congratulate Fred Pellerito who was just selected as the PATH, International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Region 4 volunteer of the year. Region 4 encompasses Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Ontario.
Fred is always willing to do to whatever is required to help O.A.T.S. fulfill our mission – “To encourage and promote the health, well-being and happiness of handicapped individuals through horseback riding and related activities.” Whether it’s feeding horses, cleaning stalls, building shelters or organizing fundraisers, we know we can always count on Fred. Of course, O.A.T.S. appreciates all of our volunteers. The O.A.T.S. motto, “Changing lives one ride at a time” is only possible because of the hundreds of caring volunteers who help us year-round. For more information about O.A.T.S. or to volunteer, call (248) 245-1020 or email us at walkonoats@gmail.com. O.A.T.S. which stands for Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles is located on Groveland Road in Ortonville.
Jessica Beeson
O.A.T.S. Instructor
(In response to Ken Davis “Boo on GOP,” a letter by Ken Davis, The Citizen, Feb. 9, page 6)
$5.7 billion is a bargain
Dear Editor,
After reading your adolescent tirade last week I thought of the list of numerous accomplishments President Trump has produced since he was elected, and how I could list all of them and maybe you could see the error in your thinking.
I gave it a second thought and I realized it would be all in vein. After all, what rational grown man would think that Nancy “we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it” Pelosi is qualified to run a hot dog stand let alone our wonderful country?
Instead of disputing any of the facts I laid out about the pain and suffering illegal immigrants cause to countless American families, you resort to childish name calling. The fact is, of course a barrier on the border will not stop 100% of illegal crossings, but it will stop 99.9% of them. An average person will not have the means to dig 6 foot under or scale over a 30 foot structure. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000,000 illegals in our country costing the working class taxpayers in the neighborhood of $116,000,000,000 per year. Any person with common sense and a respect for the law can see that $5.7 billion is a bargain to help get this crisis under control.
Please contact your Representative, Ellisa Slotkin and tell her to vote to fund a barrier and Secure Our Border.
Joe Wayda
(In response to Boo on GOP, a letter by Ken Davis, Sr., The Citizen, Feb. 9, page 6)
Handicapped by the facts
Dear Editor,
I have found over the years “That it is easy to win an argument when not handicapped by the knowledge of the facts.”
A little research would show that since a section of wall was constructed in the San Diego area illegal immigration has been reduced by over 90%. Israel’s construction of a wall has significantly reduced terrorist attacks on their citizens. More importantly, immigration officers at the border agree that a wall is a necessity in protecting our nation.
I would accept the opinion of the men and women of the border patrol who serve their country everyday rather than Mr. Davis’s opinions.
Lastly, Mr. Davis has every right to his opinion of our President. However, he shows he possess similar characteristics that he accuses President Trump of having by referring to the President as “Donnie”.
I do not agree with everything that President Trump says or does, but I do respect the office that he holds. It is sad that some in our country have lost the quality of civility.
Richard Saroli

(In response to ‘I’m not suprised, a letter by Paul Lucas, The Citizen, Jan. 19, 2019, page 6)
Back in time
Dear Editor,
In a few keyboard strokes, Mr. Paul Lucas went back in time to recreate the 17th Michigan Congressional District, although it was eliminated in 1993. Readers of his January 19, 2019 letter may realize that Mr. Lucas was referring to Michigan’s 13th District, mistakenly calling it the (defunct) 17th District. Mr. Lucas was writing in response to Ms. Beltramo’s letter in support of 13th District’s Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Well, there’s the problem: Mr. Lucas is in the wrong District, and in the wrong decade. Mr. Lucas may be guilty of unauthorized use of a time machine.
Ms. Beltramo expressed initial praise for Mr. Lucas’ calling out of “unwarranted, offensive, cowardly and inflammatory” remarks. “I thought he was talking about Trump’s Tweets,” she admitted.
Ms. Beltramo also supported Mr. Lucas’ condemnation of “vulgar remarks and unacceptable language,” (except when you drop an anvil on your toe). She stated she is glad to hear Mr. Lucas has not lost his capacity for embarrassment and that he believes Americans should have standards of behavior. Ms. Beltramo is also relieved that he has not become used to the daily humiliation of the Trump presidency. “I agree with a lot in Mr. Lucas’ letter, but his aim is off.”
Bonnie Beltramo

(In response to “Protecting America” a letter by Walt Dilber, The Citizen, Jan. 26, page 6)
An invasion, really?
Dear Editor,
Walt, I don’t understand how anyone can believe that the families we see undergoing substantial hardship traveling to our borders, turning themselves over to authorities and seeking asylum in accordance with our laws constitutes “an invasion” of our country. The president’s claim is not factual.
The president also claims that illegal immigrants are coming to this country to commit heinous crimes and that building a wall will keep these individuals out and make us safer. Factcheck.org explains that we don’t have the statistical information to draw a conclusion that illegal immigrants are in fact more dangerous than “native” Americans. It states that “available research estimates the relationship between illegal immigration and crime generally shows an association with lower crime rates”. The president sensationalizing crimes that have been committed by illegal immigrants purposely distorts the truth and encourages unnecessary fear and hysteria.
Trump insists that the unsecured borders are where illegal drugs are trafficked into the U.S. According to the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection Stats for the first 11 months of FY2018 90% of heroin, 88% of cocaine, 87% of meth and 80% of fentanyl was seized at legal crossing points.
Walt, Congress is doing its job. It does not serve the president, it serves the people. We have three branches of our government to ensure we have checks and balances. At the request of voters who elected the current Congress…it wants efficient, effective and technologically advanced means to ensure border security. Why is a reasonable and rational approach to border security a bad thing? Who decided border security equals wall?
The voters did not ask the president to hold American workers hostage in order to get a wall. I suppose it was easy to try to leverage this partial shutdown considering the Defense Department budget had already been approved before the fiscal year began. I have to believe that had the DoD budget which includes salaries and benefits for service members and their families been included in this shutdown it would not have lasted 3 days much less over thirty days.
Walt you mention that Congress is spending $696B to support NATO and don’t cite your source. The president signed a Department of Defense appropriations bill in the amount of $717B to fund military operations before fiscal year 2019 began, but this was not for NATO. This funding ultimately benefits the US defense industrial base, creates jobs and ensures US defense superiority, it isn’t money we are giving to our allies as you seem to indicate in your letter.
You are correct, the Soviet Union doesn’t exist, but North Korea, China and Russia do and that is why we need NATO.
Congresswoman Slotkin, you got this.

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