Letters to the editor Feb. 2

(In response to “I’m not surprised”, a letter by Paul S. Lucas, The Citizen, January 19, Page 6)
Dump this clown
Dear Editor,
I agree with Paul Lucas, I didn’t care for the language the newly elected representative used during a private engagement when referring to impeaching the current president but I don’t care for this type of language when it is used by any elected or appointed leaders regardless of the party they belong to or the circumstances in which the language is used.
Just as he was not surprised by Ms. Beltrano’s letter, I was not surprised by Paul’s as he seems to reserve his indignation for those whose political beliefs he doesn’t support and passes on calling out this same behavior in those he does support. For example. I don’t recall seeing any previous letters from Paul chastising right-wing, clueless, loudmouthed nut jobs, although god knows a day doesn’t go by when he would have ample opportunity to do so. So many examples, so little time.
Ms. Tlaib could have used many different words when referring to the current president.
A short list of adjectives would include incompetent, narcissistic, vulgar, ignorant, classless, unethical, cowardly, offensive, derogatory, amoral, self- serving, inflammatory, dangerous, possibly treasonous, not to mention sexist, racist, a bully and a terribly poor speller. I believe that
Ms. Tlaib was completely overcome with emotions caused by frustration with the current administration and the word she chose seemed to be a more concise way to refer to the current individual occupying the White House without listing his attributes above.
I agree with you that we need level headed clear thinking… in the White House. I come from a long line of moderate conservatives.
This Republican party is not the party of my father and grandfather both veterans of World Wars. Thank God they aren’t alive to see what a hash that’s been made of it.
People voted for Trump because they thought he would support and rebuild the middle class. Does this latest self imposed disaster/unnecessary government shutdown that directly impacted 700,000 middle class Americans, and is estimated by the S&P to cost us $6B, finally make it clear to his supporters that he has no idea who or what the middle class is….”Tell the grocer you will pay him later”, Ye gods. Dump this Clown, MF was already taken.
J.E. Galer
Crisis at the border
We have a crisis at the border. Illegal immigration creates a host of problems for the western hemisphere.
But one that hits close to home for Michigan is the amount of illegal drugs coming across the border. 300 Americans die of heroin overdoses a week, and 90 percent of that heroin is smuggled through our southern border.
Building a physical barrier is simply common sense. It not only helps keep American citizens safe, but also helps the humanitarian crisis at the border. Children are often sent across the border with human traffickers. One in three women are sexually assaulted on the journey across the border.
I urge Rep. Elissa Slotkin to support funding for the border wall. It’s time we secure
America’s borders, and time we reopen the government.
Please contact Representative Slotkin and tell her to vote to Secure Our Border.
Phone: 202-225-4872
Twitter: @repslotkin
Joe Wayda