Letters to the Editor Feb. 20, 2021

(In response to “A desire for unity,” a letter by Jerry Boritzki, The Citizen, Feb. 13, page 7)
Real battles
Dear Mr. Boritzki,
You bring up how many Executive Orders were given by the 1st 6 Presidents. Did you purposely skip the Executive Orders given by the last 6 Presidents? Let’s look at those totals. Reagan 381 over 8 years, George Bush 166 over 4 years, Clinton 364 over 8 years, George W. Bush 291 over 8 years, Obama 276 over 8 years, Trump 220 over 4 years. President Trump focused HIS energy on undoing the very things 81 million Americans wanted done in the previous 8 years! President Trump lost the popular vote, yet he gave out more Executive Orders in 4 years than President Obama gave in 8! Do you think that widened any gaps? I agree the role of President is not the role of King. Why did President Trump focus most of his energy after the election on trying to overturn the votes of 81 million people? He would not accept what the various Secretaries of State (some were Republican) said, what election officials said (some were Republicans), nor even what the courts said (some were courts with judges that he appointed!). When he failed at that, he decided to use the mob he had been cultivating for 4 years to overturn our votes with violence. He never focused on the real battles: COVID, economy, global leadership and climate change (your list). I don’t think you have credibility on this topic of Executive Orders and President Biden.
Leslie Cummings, Brandon Township
Peaceful protest
Dear Editor,
The Senate’s failure to convict Former President Donald Trump of inciting the Capitol riot is a travesty of justice. Sure, Mr Trump cautioned those at his rally to go to the Capitol and protest peacefully. But, he was around all summer long, just like the rest of us. He’d heard the phrase used countless times by his political opponents and members of the media. He knew full well that “peaceful protest” is merely a euphemism, a dog whistle for violence, destruction and other microaggressions.
Frank Porretta, Ortonville

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