Letters to the editor Feb. 24

(In response to, Township fire responses continue to grow, The Citizen, Feb. 10, page 5)
Thank you Brandon Firefighters
Dear Editor
It was brought to my attention that during the most recent Township Board meeting (and elsewhere) an annual report of activities was presented by the Brandon Fire Department.
Apparently a special note was made during that presentation of one medical transport to U of M Ann Arbor, as that is not within the normal area of transport. I wanted to write in to make it known how unbelievably grateful I am for that one specific transport.
You see – I was the person they transported. It was a result of the emergency responder’s experience, training and dedication that the decision was made to get me to the right location for my injury as quickly as possible. I suffered a serious laceration across my palm of my right hand that severed several tendons, nerves and arteries. I experienced a large amount of blood loss, lost motor control and feeling of one of my fingers, lost the feeling in two others and was in shock.
The professionalism showed by David Castle to properly assess the situation and communicate that to appropriate hospital personnel made it possible to get me to the best facility in the area to allow for the best prognosis possible. Billy Starr also handled the situation professionally in aiding the efforts to stabilize me on scene and then helped me communicate with my family to advise them of the situation and direct them to my destination. The rest of the crew that arrived on scene were, quick, efficient and polite, keeping me calm and awake.
Thanks to the efforts of the entire crew I received the proper care as soon as possible. That effort made it possible for the surgical team at U of M to repair the damage as quickly as possible, which stopped any further damage from occurring, and I have since regained use of my right hand and fingers. As I am a right-handed person, the impact of regaining the use of that hand on my life is tremendous.
I will never be able to fully express the gratitude I have for living in a township with such dedicated people.
I am dismayed every week when I see the same people arguing and exchanging insults in this letters-to-the-editor section. Grow up. Stop acting like spoiled children who only see the bad. We live in a great town. We have great people here. They go above and beyond everyday because it is who they are. Together we are strong. We are #OrtonvilleStrong!
Thank you – and with the utmost gratitude – Jason R. Gault