Letters to the Editor Feb. 27, 2021

(In response to “Real battles,” a letter by Leslie Cummings, The Ctizen, Feb. 20)
Mature democratic leadership
Dear Editor,
I apologize if I came across like an expert on executive orders. I certainly am not.
I asked Mr. Google and he assisted me. My goal was to remind us how our country was originally set up to operate. A democratic process with representation with many checks and balances. Each new president promises to bring us together and each new president begins by immediately driving wedges between us all. Yes, I agree, all six of the last presidents have ruled liked kings rather than presidents. But now with the Democrats controlling the White House, the House and the Senate, I wonder why bills can’t be put through Congress rather than executive orders dictating how our country will be governed. We know it takes much longer to do things right, but it is how this great country was designed to be governed.
I once again asked my friend, Mr. Google, to help me with the difference between an edict and an executive order. He tried to enlighten me by saying, an executive order (which is actually a “decree”) is given by any “authoritarian decision” while an edict would be given by “royal” rulers. Most scholars agree however, these terms are all synonyms of each other.
My prayer, dream and hope is that President Biden does, in fact, bring us all together, but he can never accomplish unity through edict, decree or executive order. This wonderful goal can only be found through mature democratic leadership.
Jerry Boritki
Brandon Township

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