Letters to the editor Jan. 11, 2020

Village luminaries

Dear Editor,
One of the enduring traditions of the Village is Luminaries. This could not be done without the assistance and involvement of many people at a time when everyone’s time is fully occupied.
Thank you to the council members who assisted in many ways. Thank you to the residents who helped fill the bags with sand, distribute the bags and light the candles on Christmas Eve. Thanks especially to Bob Hauxwell for his help in all categories to this event.
Small town America is special. Ortonville is unique and memorable.
Best wishes to all for a pleasant and successful 2020.
Dale A. Stuart, village manager

(In response to “ Honor your oath,” a letter by Paul Lucas, The Citizen, Dec. 28, 2019, page 6)
A little civility
Dear Editor,
Mr. Lucas, Congress has found that the president betrayed our nation, abused his office by enlisting a vulnerable foreign power in corrupting democratic elections. It concluded that he withheld military aid from a foreign ally as leverage and by his conduct demonstrates that he is a threat to national security and the Constitution if he remains in the office. The president engaged in and appears to continue to engage in blocking further investigation and covering up his misconduct.
The Trump administration refused to turn over evidence and barred testimony by a number of key witnesses…who are willing to testify to the Senate if they will call witnesses, specifically former National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Why wouldn’t the Senate consider calling witnesses if they believe our president is innocent. Is it perhaps because it would provide further evidence and proof to support the impeachment?
The Constitution requires that our elected leaders, in this case our Senate, act as impartial jurors. They took an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution, not to protect the president. Tuesday, December 17th, after a reporter asked him what his message is to Americans who might have concerns about his ability to be impartial during the Trump trial, Senator McConnell is quoted as saying “I’m not an impartial juror.” This is his admission, not an invention by Mr. Bond as you inferred, Mr. Lucas. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has expressed concern regarding Senator McConnell’s coordination with the White House on the impeachment proceedings. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) has stated that she believes that there are senators on both sides of the aisle who are not giving the appearance of judging the impeachment in an impartial way.
A little civility toward others, Mr. Lucas and perhaps a little effort at research. It is unnecessary to resort to belittling others to try to make your point…a disappointingly common occurrence these days I’m afraid.
J.E. Galer

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