Letters to the Editor Jan. 13

Fletcher building miracle
(In response to, ‘Two bidders vie for BFI school building,’ The Citizen, Dec. 23, page 1)
Dear Editor,
Let me tell you a story about a miracle that is waiting to happen in the Village of Ortonville and Brandon Township – and yet no one really knows about it.
It pertains to the Fletcher Intermediate school building that is owned by the school district and is up for sale. There has been an offer from Bridgewood Church (BWC) in Clarkston, to buy this historic building and the adjoining property for $750,000 CASH. Besides church services, BWC would convert the facility into a faith based community center that this area desperately needs.
Here’s the rest of the story. Can you picture the positive impact that 20 “busloads” of pioneering families making the trek north up the M15 corridor on a regular basis could have on our community? Existing restaurants and shops along the route and in the village of Ortonville would thrive with new customers eager to spend money. New businesses would be encouraged to open. What if just 1 child per bus decided to attend Brandon schools? That’s an additional $140,000 annually for our school budgets. What if theses pioneers wanted to settle down in these parts and establish homes in Brandon Township and the Village? Real estate sales would boom!
The School Board is meeting this Monday January 15th at 6:45 PM in the I-Tech Bldg, next to the Middle School, to let us know their decision. I’ve lived in this community for nearly 35 years and taught at the high school for nearly 30 years before retiring. This is a huge opportunity for us. Let’s not quit 5 minutes before the miracle!!

Pat George, Ortonville

(In response to, You were half right, a letter by Paul S. Luas, The Citizen, Dec. 30, page 6)
Old geezer
Dear Editor,
The late humorist Will Rogers said, “All I know is what I read in the newspapers.” He must be rollign over in his grave with the fake news we get from the lying jester in the white house.
According to his staff, we elected a moron, his choir, Fox Cable and friends, blame those pesky democrats for the mess and their resistance to Trump’s dangerous and destructive agenda.

Drill baby drill, more polution, steal our public land and give it to his friends for profit.
The new Trum and Ryan tax plan steals from the working class and enrich themselves and their billionaire donors. Zilch for the senior citizens and health care. Two trillion dollars borrowed from China will not be recovered in your lifetime.
It would be feckless for me to correct all the misinformation of Mr. Paul Lucas as I’m sure your opinions are grounded. Is your source Trump Tweets or Fox News propoganda. I uggest you try reading the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Detroit Free Press. Will Rogers would agree.
Many republicans agree that Trump is unfit to be president and may soon be indited for money laundering and sedition.
I don’t care if you eat humble pie, crow pie or cow pie. Also, wipe the egg off your face.
Just an old geezer,
Dale Bond